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This allows them to participate based on their second temperament in any kind of human activity. The Melancholy-Phlegmatic has difficulty going to sleep because they are thinking about, well, everything! The Phlegmatic-Melancholy prefers routine work and involvement with a limited number of people. Sanguines are personable, receptive, open to others, and build relationships quickly. The Choleric-Melancholy is more detail oriented and sensitive than the other Choleric combinations. They have an active, positive movement in a favorable environment. Grievous offenses he cannot forget. Being low-keyed outwardly, their emotional involvement in a task is not easily observed.

Powerful choleric personality type

The Choleric and Sanguine natural tendencies combine to produce a result-oriented person who needs to be around people socially some of the time. They want to be in charge because of confidence in their ability to make decisions. It is not unusual to feel as if you have known one who is Sanguine for years after the first meeting. They believe that it is important to 'prove oneself'. They approach a task with calculated moderation. The areas of business, politics, sports, and entertainment, to name a few, are dominated by the Sanguine temperament. Phlegmatics will be very loyal to their friends. Sanguines are very effective working with others. They tend to have a long life-span because they do not get stressed like the other temperament combinations. They normally behave in a diplomatic manner except when it comes to deviating from standards they have accepted. They can be grudge holders. They are usually very well organized, and they tend to operate from a list—it may be written down or they just remember what needs to be done. Some Cholerics will be very strong, others somewhat strong, and still others more mild. The Melancholy-Sanguine struggles with having guilt feelings, even about something that is not their fault. Melancholies are introverted, logical, analytical, and factual in communication. They are very optimistic, but may lack follow through. They have an active, positive movement in a favorable environment. The Sanguine-Melancholy is a frequently found combination. They like status and quality things. Grievous offenses he cannot forget. The Melancholy-Sanguine needs to be alone most of time, and they need to be with people some of the time. Melancholies respond to others in a slow, cautious, and indirect manner. They would command their subordinates, and assert their dominance using force. The Phlegmatic-Choleric is very independent, questioning, and thorough in their approach and will follow through to see the task completed. The secondary temperament need is to be accepted socially.

Powerful choleric personality type

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The secondary need is to do things right.

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