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There are only 39 rooms and one private home at the resort hotel, and all offer premium privacy. This is not a place you'll want to bring the whole family -- no guests under the age of A real standout was the night I spent stargazing with my boyfriend. It was so magical -- the closest night sky I've seen to the Omani desert and African bush. For whatever reason, a stay there never fell into place until our last trip over New Year's.

Post ranch inn price

In addition, the Inn has a full fitness center on site where you can easily fit in a morning workout, as well as a heated lap pool for swimming side note: For whatever reason, a stay there never fell into place until our last trip over New Year's. A real standout was the night I spent stargazing with my boyfriend. Suffice it to say, it is for very good reason that this property is known to be one of the very best in the world. Stop by the Henry Miller Library, which is far from what you'd expect from a typical library and is complete with screening area, performing arts stage, museum, reading area, and, of course, written works by local authors. For views of the ocean, I recommend the Cliff House. Experience it To do and see Visit the community's many art galleries -- Coast Gallery and Hawthorne Gallery are among my picks. You May Like Sign Up for our Newsletter Receive exclusive travel deals, insider tips, inspiration, breaking news updates, and more. We've already planned a spring trip here to hike amongst the wild flowers. Treatments are also available in your room indoors or outside on the deck. The whole place seems to float above the Pacific, providing the most stunning coastline views I've seen and I've been around. Properties were classified as city or resort based on their locations and amenities. For outstanding mountain views, try the Tree House, where the steps float mid-air. Visit the Phoenix Shop whilst having a post hike drink or lunch at Nepenthe great views, decent food , and don't miss the Post Ranch Mercantile shop, which is far more than a typical gift shop -- plus the walk there is just lovely. It is one of the U. Choose an ocean view or mountain view when booking a room. The deck outside our room quickly became one of my favorite reading spots, and evenings were spent watching the sun go down from the outdoor hot tub at the edge of the cliff, watching whales breeching were simply magnificent and deeply relaxing. Post Ranch Inn is situated on cliffs 1, feet above the Pacific Ocean; on the other side rise the Santa Lucia mountains. If you are on a tighter budget, go for one night as part of a Carmel or Monterey-area stay. There are no movie theaters or shops nearby. If I were really tired and needed a solo retreat, I'd be quite content here with a few books and my hiking gear. Think about just staying on property and going off on hikes to Pfeiffer beach and to a nearby restaurant one night. There is impeccable service -- the staff is always respectful and available to assist in any way possible, yet are not obtrusive nor overt. Privacy and peace are at the core of this hotel, and there is as much or as little activity as one desires with top hiking trails and easy walking trail variety. All are made of glass, slate, marble and wood, specifically designed to blend in with the environment. Sculptures pepper the grounds while photographs, paintings, and fine jewelry circle in and out of the Post Gallery. A retreat into nature that will awaken your mind, relax your body and lighten your soul.

Post ranch inn price

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Post Ranch Inn (Big Sur, California, USA): impressions & review

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Two nights in a row, we stayed basking in the heat, in the cooling air, for two hours after sundown. Carmel is 30 minutes away, but if you are at the property under three days you won't want to leave!

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