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Giving gifts can be tricky in this love match—cardinals know exactly what they like and can be very hard to please. Your fluctuating moods may collide, causing dramatic fights that can escalate into an unnecessary cold war. Both have a great capacity for emotion and compassion, and both can act as teacher AND student. Pisces will bring in change, creativity, inspiration and probably a lot of sensuality due to the fact that this is the sign that exalts Venus. They will be a power couple with a lively and large group of friends they adore. This point aside, they will be perfectly happy together and will create a beautiful, creative world where everyone is nice to each other and and the world is made up of art.

Pisces and cancer couples

Aries and Aries will have a solid foundation of fun and friendship. When Pisces get scared, they somehow fail to tell the truth even on silly things in their life, because they feel the need to distance themselves from any pressure they might feel. What works here is that each person in the relationship is strong where the other is weak. Usually they communicate just fine, but there are situations in which they could float away on an idea made out of words. They love to spend time together, and will always put each other ahead of their social lives. This is one of the typical combinations of zodiac signs for love at first sight. Their sexual connection is usually primarily emotional. Together they will keep each other mentally stimulated and their romantic connection will thrive because of this consistent spark. They are a social couple who other couples aspire to be like. They each care a lot about being successful. Cancer man and Pisces woman compatibility is highlighted in the beautiful home these two can create together, and the magical atmosphere they will provide for any children. No strangers to either pain or joy, the Cancer man and the Pisces woman are prepared to run the whole gamut of emotions during their relationship. She is able to meditate or to pray her way through most problems, and her inner radiance is more than enough to brighten up his moods and take away his worries. Virgo will be happy to let Leo be the star and Leo will love how Virgo is totally comfortable being out of the spotlight. Cardinal signs are initiators—they like to lead and direct and manage. Cancer and Libra will get along well and their biggest fight will just be about whether to stay in or go out with friends. When they find this shared point of intimacy where true emotions are shared, this will affect all other segments of their relationship and be a fuel for it to have a fairytale ending. Mating with someone from the same element offers the comfort of familiarity. These two will have a super strong mental connection. Bring a financial advisor in to the picture early on, so you can map out a plan and have those savings automatically deducted from your paychecks before Pisces fritters them away. What they lake in natural chemistry, they more than make up for in effort — this pairing is one of two active, communicative people who will put their relationship first. After all, differences can be challenging in a good way because they push you both to grow. Cardinal signs have discerning tastes and an air of entitlement, which helps them gravitate toward the finer things and first-class experiences. Are you a starter, a doer or a finisher? This has the potential to be one of the best matches in the Zodiac. An unlikely pairing, but one that can create a really strong couple.

Pisces and cancer couples

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Cancer and Pisces Compatibility

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Cancer really understands emotional ambiguity and can help Pisces stabilize their ephemeral nature.

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