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After law school, Lynn joined a high-powered, lawyer firm in Cleveland, where she achieved the status of the only black female corporate litigator. It almost became a comedy routine that she did with her mother. Shirley, her mother, is the second wife of Bill. Her father Bill diagnosed with manic depression had psychotic episodes. In , she became a co-executive producer of Wedlock or Deadlock, a syndicated limited-city series based on a segment of Divorce Court.

Picture of judge lynn toler husband

Her sister is a neurologist. Her choices were Phoenix or Vegas. They need to be fixed. She was asked if she has any goals in life? It is binding arbitration, though. She gets mail from people who say they had a situation, and they liked what she had to say. Judge Toler did say they have a harder time getting people on their show than some do. She thought they were horrible. Judge Lynn Toler said, "The past is what you decide it's going to be. Toler also rationalized that his high-octane energy bursts heightened his career accomplishments. The reason, according to Lynn, was that her father, who rarely experienced depression, was too fond of his manic imbalance. But, when she told her mother she was writing a book, the book that became My Mother's Rules, her mother got mad. Divorce Court doesn't pay a fee or for the judgment. She admits what she did in college. She met him at a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game when she was Shirley, her mother, is the second wife of Bill. Lynn's mother couldn't fix her father, but she could contain him. Her cases involved all misdemeanor crimes, traffic, and minor cost civil cases within an inner ring suburb of Cleveland, Ohio of about 50, residents. She's never read the book. What are you doing writing? She has the community she wants to live in here in Phoenix. There were people in the audience who spoke up, and said, it wasn't my father, it was my mother, or someone else in the family. Judge Toler said don't let anyone tell you they don't feel powerful when they're on the bench. She wanted to live in a community with families, and it had to be a place with regular flights to L. All she could control was herself. Since she'd pointed out her husband in the audience, when she said he drives her, she was asked how they met. No one knows what you went through, and how hard it was.

Picture of judge lynn toler husband

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Judge Lynn of Divorce Court Credits Husband For Becoming a Judge

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She's always on one. Lynn Toler is originally from Columbus, Ohio.

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