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As courtesy of the guys behind the amazing punk rock act Billy Talent, the release of their old work, back when they were the high schooler band know as Pezz, has found its way back into stores. He started a new band with them named Pezz later to become " Billy Talent " while also playing in Soluble Fish. The general theme of this record is trust, the lack thereof or breaking up. Before Billy Talent there was Billy Talent kicked off their European tour on October 19, commenting before the tour that they "can't wait to come over to Europe and the U. Pezz began writing, performing songs, and gaining attention and credibility at first locally, and soon in Toronto 's broader indie music scene. That seemed to fuel the record.


Kowalewicz stated, in an interview, that the first three albums would form a trilogy and that the new album would not be named Billy Talent IV. Kowalewicz started singing in melody with D'Sa. Now known as Billy Talent, their sound began to move in a more aggressive, punk rock direction. Solowoniuk was confirmed to have the disease, which causes anything from numbness in the limbs to paralysis or loss of vision, in January This demonstrates the general theme that fueled the record: His neurologist prescribed him medication that he would have to self inject three times a week, possibly for the rest of his life. On March 17, , Aaron Solowoniuk revealed in a personal letter to fans that he was the friend in that song. Dead Silence — [ edit ] In April , Kowalewicz stated that "At this point there is no time frame for touring, as our main priority is finishing writing and recording this new record". The music began to transform from "raw rap-rock" songs into "catchy and angst-ridden pop punk anthems". He played solo in the video for the song. After Australia, the band headed to North America, where they played the three-day Coachella Festival. This connection would get the band their producer Gavin Brown , and a demo deal with the label. On May 12, , the band announced their album Afraid of Heights which was released on July 29, He grew up in Mississauga , Ontario learning guitar at the age of Their song "Red Flag" was featured in Burnout: The album showed evidence of being more aggressive and influenced by punk rock. This was definitely an awsome gift from Billy Talent to their fans my guess is for the delay of their new album, which should come out in Everyone in the band is partnering up and dealing with those issues. Billy Talent II hit the shelves on June 27, She had seen the band perform as Pezz, and he asked her to check out the band's performance at a club. In he formed a band named Dragonflower with some fellow schoolmates. He started a new band with them named Pezz later to become " Billy Talent " while also playing in Soluble Fish. Their first recording was a cheap 4-track demo. Billy Talent went on to be certified 3x platinum in Canada. But if you give it time and a few glances at the lyrics you'll find this CD to grow on you very fast, Billy Talent fan or not. Pezz may not be the anger-guided Billy Talent most of us have come to known, but it's definitely a must-have and a must-listen for any fan of good punk rock. Solowoniuk worked at Chrysler Canada.


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Billy Talent - Red Flag - Official Video

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Yes, even in their early years, Billy Talent always had an amazing amount of talent, and their angered and troubled sleeper of a vocalist Benjamin always had the knack for writing incredibly straight-foward, in-your-face, sarcastic lyrics.

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