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They might justify their behavior by making you believe that they are just protective of you and whatever was done was just out of love. From a developmental model, the control freak may have been overly indulged. Never miss noticing these signs when trying to spot one. We all have some narcissistic wounds to some extent, the control freak just likely has more, or deeper ones than most, or they are particularly susceptible to them. This is one of the characteristics of a controlling person. The little God-emporer will grow into an adult and feel entitled to anything they want. They will never reveal their true face but will always be under a mask where people will believe that they are a lovely person when truly they are not. They will emerge from time to time to grace everyone with their accomplishments. Based on this, you can either get help for them, or deal with their mood patterns before their problem becomes yours.

Personality traits of a control freak

Will weaken you When in a relationship with a control freak, they will cripple you. If you need to engage them, use kid gloves and be gentle with them. Possible Signs Larger-than-life Image People, who have a controlling personality always project themselves as victorious or heroic. Relationships never work out when there is selfishness instead of love. Read on to know more about their personality traits and behavioral signs. This is a major sign to know a control freak. A wounded grandiose self-image is a symptom of what Freud and other psychologists call a narcissistic wound. As a result, the control freak believes they are the only person who can do it and do it right. This will be their perspective even though when others try to help they are either heavily criticized, or pushed away for fear that their influence will wrest some control away. Being perfect is a dream which can never be achieved. In situations like these, they often end up lying instead of telling the truth. Sometimes, this quality does take a serious route when they start threatening you on hearing a firm "no. They are very clever and know how to handle you in any situation. The little God-emporer will grow into an adult and feel entitled to anything they want. With the objective of keeping yourself from getting embroiled, or to wake up realizing that the controlling person is the one with the problem and not you, here are the major behavioral aspects that such people may demonstrate. Attachment describes how we bond with our parents and others. They will emerge from time to time to grace everyone with their accomplishments. You need to think twice before you really understand a controlling person. Although these people need help, one needs to be sure whether the person really has a controlling personality to begin with. All you will know is your controlling person's happiness, and you will console yourself saying that is what you need as well. In some cases, the control freak sees their constant intervention as beneficial or even necessary. Do you often change your views and plans according to the wishes of someone else? They will never be true and will never be open-hearted to anybody. Short-tempered Nature Be prepared if at all you muster up the courage to disagree with them because if you do, you are bound to be on the receiving end of their fury, ranging from crude and sarcastic, to screechy threats and displays of violence. Emotional Abuser A controlling person will tease you and hurt you emotionally. Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

Personality traits of a control freak

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Assess your strengths and weakness, try improving your strengths and learn to overcome your weakness. This is a major red flag that tells you; they are a control freak.

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