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On the right, a recent photo taken of the interior of the current Trinity Lutheran Church, located at West Lincolnway. On the right, today's view. Jefferson's original water tower, which I'm sure no one now remembers, as it looked in the 's. Today, that site is the home of the VFW, pictured at right. Hotel Head, later the Lincoln Hotel was located on the south side of the square.

Peony jefferson iowa

The southern portion of the east side of the square. The sign and lettering on the facade have long since disappeared. On the left-hand side, you can clearly see the theater on the corner. After extensive remodeling and upgrades, the center is shown on the right as it appears today, in the same location. On the left is the old Bordenaro Market as it appeared for much of its existence. On the left is a photo taken of the first tee box at the Greene County Golf Course in South side of the square facing west. On the right, today's view. Interestingly enough, behind it you can see both courthouses! It is located at American Avenue in Jefferson. To the right is the same area as it appears today. The left-hand photo of downtown Jefferson, while not the best quality, clearly shows Parker Shoes, Unger Insurance, and the Lunch Box Cafe on the south side of the square. Note the large arrow atop the lounge directing people to the Jefferson Hotel - the same person owned both establishments. In left , Hawn's Accounting and the Historical Museum. On the left, Jim's Super Valu as it appeared in around This building later burned down, and was replaced with the structure we are more familiar with. The prominent building at the left was the old Cigar Store; now the tea room. American Athletic Equipment Co. Most of the building facades remain the same, as this section of the square has been comparatively well-kept. These are two views of the Columbian Block building on the west side of the square. Saba's Bakery was a fixture for generations at North Chestnut, on the east side of the square. Notice Saba's Bakery and Coast to Coast. The photo at left shows the old Jefferson armory as it looked in the 20's and 30's. The Greene County courthouse shown on the left was torn down in order to make room for the present courthouse in A view of two familiar businesses located on the south side of the square.

Peony jefferson iowa

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American Athletic Equipment Co. Notice Saba's Bakery and Coast to Coast.

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