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The characteristics that drove you nuts may be intensified during this process. Retrieved on September 28, , from https: Dad asks his daughter if she shared her lunch with Julie, too. When you feel more empowered, your voice and body language will shift and you will be better able to deal with your difficult ex. Love yourself enough to put some support in place for you — schedule an appointment with a helping professional to process and move past that resentment so that you can respond to your children with a smile on your face that is real! Keep kids out of the middle. Her most recent book is The Global Guide to Divorce and she has over published articles.

Passive aggressive ex wife

Your job as a parent is to have integrity in every interaction with your child. He may forget visitation dates which leaves you and the kids waiting. In the personal property division, he may ask for a lot less, but mainly go after what you hold dear. He may forget court dates or collaborative sessions which then drags out the whole process. The passive aggressive person gives back handed compliments, which leaves one unsure if she has been insulted. Passive aggressive spouses are big blamers. The passive aggressive person often smiles as he makes these character assassinations to others. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The characteristics that drove you nuts may be intensified during this process. Develop an effective communication strategy. His spouse is a target of this blame which spills over into the divorce proceedings. Nevertheless, this is my weekend with them so please drop them off at the designated time and place. Being a human target is traumatic. This will mean higher legal costs with these stalling tactics. Tell your attorney right away about this personality disorder so she plan strategies accordingly. If possible, wait 24 hours before writing back. How do you turn the tide on this behavior? A divorced dad picks his daughter up from school and asks how her day was. When contemplating divorce have an exit plan ready. Are my words and actions allowing my children the opportunity to love their other parent openly and unapologetically when they are with me? If your kids tell you about the crappy things your ex says about you, many of which are lies, do not fire off an email setting your ex straight. He may not want to let you go, and makes promises that will not be kept. They read and remember every message you send about your opinion of their other parent. If he is not doing well in life, it is since his co-workers are out to get him. Try to omit emotion out of your communication.

Passive aggressive ex wife

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10 Signs You're in a Relationship With a Passive Aggressive

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Hostile exes love to use electronic communication to criticize, attack, and threaten.

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