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Doc is the man! As I promised myself before, this was the only person who was going to tune my bike. Opening the box on the mufflers I was pleased, noticed that one core was smaller than the other - which is what I expected. After talking with one of Jamie's techs and going over it we determined that it was installed as expected. Doc is the master.

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I told my wife that I wouldn't tune anything - that at most I would put on slip-ons. His service is truly amazing and I would highly recommend him more than anyone I have ever met in the business. Thanks Doc - thanks a bunch. You can imagine my disappointment. Doc's Performance Tuning Its always a pleasure to do business with someone who tells you what they are going to do, then does it. I have all the torque! Doc is the man! Had plenty other things I could have spent my money on, but our upgrade is exactly what I wanted and and completely happy with. Without going into a very long detailed story, I must tell you, I thought the bike ran pretty well before the Dyno tuning but following the tuning, it feels like a "rocket ship". Doc turned my POS into a That was before I found out there was a CAT in the headpipes. The bike was running great but was interested in dissipating some of the heat generated by the engine. I have installed a few sets of pipes in my day and I must say that these were the most precise, well welded set of pipes I have ever had my hands on. I now know that it was my ears playing tricks on me. FLA, and a few minor medical issues I had to deal with. Doc is the master. As I stated earlier he demonstrated an immense amount of knowledge to me that nobody else had been able to do from my previous experiences. After talking with one of Jamie's techs and going over it we determined that it was installed as expected. From his immaculate clean shop, to his friendly little dog Rocky Ray, it was an enjoyable experience. The off idle hesitation problem is gone. Doc is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met with respect to what he does. There were no exhaust leaks. Doc installed my cams, air cleaner, pipes, and tuned my 17 Glide. I couldn't be happier. Not only did he tune it to make more power about an additional 5 HP and 5 T from where it was , the bike runs noticeably smoother, has much better throttle response, spools up faster, runs cooler, and went from 41 mpg to 44mpg.

Panera bread zephyrhills florida

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08.01.2018 at 10:12 pm

I took it to Doc Weaver in Florida for a dyno tune and it exceeded all my expectations. Reputable Harley tuners around here are rare so I set about getting a TTS tune together myself - with lots and lots of help from Mayor, and others in this forum.

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