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Barn and calf pens are foam cleaned and acid cleaned between each group of calves. These ideas might just work for you as well. Feeding area around feeding stations is curbed to allow for cleaning daily. A new class of versatile aliphatic polycarbonate macrodiols has been developed by Perstorp. If you have high numbers, that means things are not getting clean. Feeding stations are hosed down and foamed cleaned with AgroChem foaming alkaline cleaner daily in the morning.


From the aqueous anionic polyurethane dispersions polymer films were cast and evaluated according to several different coating evaluation methods such as hardness, flexibility, chemical, abrasion and outdoor resistance. It does not need to be rinsed off. Feeding stations are cleaned with AgroChem high-foaming acid cleaner once a week. Over the past decade, one of the focuses on our farm has been with the calves. In this study, these polycarbonates are evaluated and compared to other types of conventional macrodiols in aqueous polyurethane dispersions. These cleaning procedures have helped us meet our goals. If you have high numbers, that means things are not getting clean. I want to share with you what we are doing that is working. Yes, focused on cleanliness. This was also our protocol for washing feeders, cleaning counters, whisks or anything associated with the calves. Combining hydrolytic and outdoor stability in a coating, while maintaining good adhesion, flexibility and abrasion resistance is often problematic. Oftentimes you problem solve, think you have the problem fixed, only to discover a new problem. Feeding stations are scrubbed every evening with pipeline detergent. Bottles and nipples are rinsed in pipeline bleach and allowed to air dry. If you have questions about our protocol, feel free to email us. Bottles and nipples are sprayed before filling with milk. Nipples and feeding stations are sprayed after each cleaning. In order to accomplish these goals, we built a new calf barn in , adjusted our feeding protocol and focused on cleanliness. The use of aliphatic polycarbonates in polyurethane dispersions could offer a solution to this obstacle. Over the past couple of years, we have developed a cleaning and sanitation protocol that seems to be working. Use Oxymer sanitation spray on everything right before it goes to the calves. Before commenting on our articles, please note our Terms for Commenting. Christina Winch is a dairy farmer in Fennimore, Wisconsin. Aqueous polyurethanes have proved to become versatile products for a wide variety of applications both in coatings and adhesives. We are extremely happy with our calves and how they are growing. With the installation of an automatic calf feeder, we encountered new cleaning issues. After attending workshops and talking with experts, we quickly learned that we needed to do much more than that.


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These ideas might just work for you as well.

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