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When a man shaves, or even just trims closely, more of the penis is visible and therefore appears larger. After some kissing, I moved my way down south to give him a little BJ action. He was pretty big, but, like I said, I was super into him so I wanted to show him a great time. I ended up just spitting it back onto him. He probably deserved that terrible blowjob. He was over the moon about it and said, "Wow, I wasn't expecting that. He hurries and zips up while my mom runs upstairs, but in. However, I can understand why some people shy away from it. Yes, there are things to be said about receiving it also.

Oral sex confessions

The more I suck, the wetter I get. Yes, there are things to be said about receiving it also. Well there it is, part one of my oral sex post. Those are things you think and not say. Oral sex is obviously very important to the majority of men and women. A coughing attack is not the most romantic way to end an evening, let me tell you that. Exploring and finding out how to please your partner can be one of the most enjoyable parts of a relationship. Those were usually the same ones that enjoyed a side of pain with their orgasms. Giving to a Man This is something that I enjoy very much. Teeth or no teeth? Let her guide you. Some that even liked the feeling of my teeth gently scraping it. I gave him a blowjob, and I could tell he was really enjoying it. Let's just say I blew that chance pun intended. Image by Bearman via Flickr Oral Sex: The same thing applies here as with the women. I just closed my eyes and tried to relax because there was no way I was giving up. It takes time to build up to the much-anticipated and loved — by me sucking not biting of the clit or thrusting of the tongue into the vagina. Then he grabbed my face in his hands and said, "That hurts! The head of the penis is the most sensitive part so I always pay special attention to it, but I also like to do the lollipop thing and lick it up and down too. Keeping some water close by is always a good idea. Using your tongue you can give him different sensations. I'd been with my boyfriend for a few months, but I was extremely unexperienced and didn't have a clue what I was doing. That's the story of the first and last time I hooked up with someone at a party. Part two will be about receiving oral sex. The guy, just as I'd hoped, was really enjoying it and starting pushing my head down gently and making all kinds of noises. Then he was so grossed out that he threw up.

Oral sex confessions

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Things were getting hot and heavy, and he went down on me OMG. First of all I do not like when a man gets down there and just beats my clitoris to death with his tongue.

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