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Couples who love to cook always need new cutting boards—and we bet they don't have one with their names carved into the top! To celebrate the four years since your wedding, go back to where it all began: Print out your favorites and pop them into this wooden photo album, which features romantic "Ever After" engraving. Plus, an excerpt of the classic E. Roxana September 24, at 4:

One month anniversary ideas for him

Another 5-year anniversary gift tradition? Rick August 3, at 8: Our loss was devastating but boy am I thankful to continue learning from her many lessons. That weekend away also applies for you and your hubby, too! But trust us, there are some amazing choices out there—you just need to get a little creative and think outside the wooden box! Some days you deal with it better than others. Now she just needs a month of reasons to get gussied up. Wooden cufflinks customized with each of your initials and the year you got married. These stunning blooms last up to one full year. Sign up for a food delivery service like Plated, and you can have all the ingredients for delicious and, most importantly, uncomplicated recipes sent right to your door. She was an absolutely wonderful, kind person who would help anyone. Instead of the standard vase, these roses arrive in a luxury hat box. Happy Anniversary Finding the thrill of pleasure each day She just stopped breathing one morning before my brother got there. It all depends on him. Relive that newlywed bliss with Mr. Happy Anniversary Love You two are gems! Happy Anniversary May love continue to illuminate your lives for ever and ever. God bless all of you. I knew as a hospice nurse her days were numbered. From deliciously easy an Edible Arrangement to seasonally appropriate partridge in a pear tree, anyone? Does he love adventures abroad or right in his own backyard? These fun gifts make perfect choices for the 5-year milestone, and—bonus! It is hard for me to express my feelings, but writing the letter allowed me to organize my thoughts and gave a clear passage to my grief and sadness. More Messages My idols in life

One month anniversary ideas for him

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But how to turn that into a 4th anniversary gift? Instead of the standard vase, these roses arrive in a luxury hat box.

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