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They also engaged in discussing current affairs and planning. This was granted and Ogunlola was shown where he could find Elemoso. While parading the suspects at the state police command in Ibadan on Friday, the state Commissioner of Police, Abiodun Odude, said that the gang invaded Ogbomoso on June 17, around 10pm. Towards the end of the eighteenth century , Afonja who was the Area Onakakanfo, and who had been firmly established in Ilorin after his quarrel. Founded in the midth century, it remained a minor outpost of the Yoruba Oyo empire until the beginning of the Muslim Fulani conquests of Oyo in the early 19th century. He stayed under ajagbon tree still by the side of the palace and used the branches for hanging gears. There is no more Bale Akande. Eventually the authority of Ogunlola became greater and more respected. This object of worship is the same as Orisala and is worshipped in different towns under different names.


Egbe Alongo Alongo Society Ogunlola, after the discovery of these hunters, took the initiative to invite them to form the Alongo Society. Another was an Otta Prince who left his place because of chieftaincy dispute. Together with the Ibadans, they were responsible for halting the Fulani advance southwards and were the most powerful towns during the latter half of the 19 th century in Yoruba land. Founded in the midth century, it remained a minor outpost of the Yoruba Oyo empire until the beginning of the Muslim Fulani conquests of Oyo in the early 19th century. Some of prominent religious bodies in Ogbomoso are: One of the prominent landmarks is the central mosque, which towers over the traditional walled compounds of private houses and the parts if the old wall that remain. It has a television station, NTA ogbomoso. At the end of the gun duel, one of the hoodlums was hit by police bullets while another member of the gang, later identified as Ademola Ajayi 33 , was arrested after sustaining gunshot injuries. It was in this way that Ogbomoso grew to its present impressive size. Ogbomoso is one time the largest planter of cassava across the globe. But many also remained behind in Ogbomoso. This was later contracted to Ogbomoso. Ogbomoso people are very religious and believe in God the creator of all things. Defence against Sunmoni slave prowler raids Group hunting of wild animals, and Mutual assistance. The site of this tree became the centre of Ogbomoso town where the Ogbomoso Palace stands today. The worshippers are distinguished by white beads worn round their necks and wearing only white dresses. We then headed to the filling station where we were caught by the police. Baba Ijesa was not pleased with the decision of the Villagers giving away his betrothed Wife away in marriage. He therefore engaged Elemoso in a battle. The influx of people further enhanced the size and strength of the town. Soun Ogunola was a great hunter who enjoyed hunting expeditions. There was little or no communication between it and Oyo and Ilorin which were only thirty miles to the north and south. We have various indigenes of Ogbomoso that have proved themselves in their various field of endeavours. The Oyos had fled and finally on a new site. A prominent landmark is the great square tower of the central mosque, which rises above the traditional walled compounds of private houses and the parts of the old wall that remain. Although the craft of wood carving has declined, the town is known for its early wood artifacts and for its unique koso drums.


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