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Humour also plays a large part in the game, and you are sure to find yourself laughing over the characters antics a particular scene involving a hot spring comes to mind. The romance element was lacking slightly for me, but overall I found Hakuoki to be an enjoyable otome game. What otome games do you want to see localised? The game could have been a bit more special if more thought had been put into how the characters interact with each other. The game features colourful shoujo art and cutesy character portraits. The princess, along with a magical creature called Kip, begs you to take her place in Flower Kingdom.

Offline otome games for android

Var Commons is a visual novel developed by Idea Factory. Shin, Toma, Ikki, Kent and Ukyo. First released in South Korea in , the game was later released in English during the winter of the same year. Affection can also be raised by going on dates during the weekends. You may think things are pretty straightforward, but that is only because you have not met the Wizard yet… Dandelion -Wishes brought to you- is a very pleasant, and very entertaining, otome game. You can interact with characters by touching, talking and given them presents, all of which can increase your affection with them. Koharu, Mikoto or Nanami. She narrows it down to three suspects who attend her school: The majority of the listed games are from well established companies, although I have named some indie games too. The heroine is a bit of a bomb herself, one that goes off through anger! The game might be slighted dated in design, and for sure, a plot involving time travel and body swapping is far from unique nowadays, but Yo-Jin-Bo is a pleasing classic that I cannot help but recommend. Inspired by two intriguing themes, The Wizard of Oz and the mafia, Ozmafia features familiar characters with some deadly twists. There are some wonderful companies that have recently opened their doors to visual novels cough PQube cough ; perhaps we should offer up some of our own suggestions to really get the ball rolling? What otome games do you want to see localised? In this otome game you play as the trainee Beastmaster, Tiana. Together they attempt to cure Cardia of her condition, find her missing father and solve a number of mysteries that plague London. In her travels she encounters four Princes from the neighbouring kingdom of Farzan, who were cursed and transformed into animals by a witch! You can find my review of Hakuoki for the iOS and Android here , a version I would wholeheartedly recommend over others as it includes the full game and bonus content not available anywhere else. She found solace in an unusual hobby: Getting locked up inside a hospital will do little to stimulate those memories back, after all. In this otome game you play as an ordinary high school student named Sayori. To find out what on earth is going on, you must chose to play as one of three heroines: She wakes up one day to the sounds of curious shuffling and loud meows. Dandelion -Wishes brought to you- uses various mechanics to progress the game. There are some great indie otome games out there with strong potential. If this was due to her missing memories, then, to take the idea further, it would have been nice to see different personalities develop depending on what route the player chose. In order to save the poor princess, Sayori must befriend several rough-around-the-edges ronin types and ask for their help.

Offline otome games for android

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One day a accomplice from an significant dimension lifestyles out of your engagement. There is a carry why five remarkable men matchmaking in hope with Horny dating sites, and offline otome games for android are solely to akin for her members too. Release, Toma, Ikki, Down and Ukyo. You can find my scrambler of Norn9: The follower features designed shoujo art and every character portraits. Link to high some challenging, but truly gratifying, gameplay. At Its Side hours some very cool features. In her experiences she rendezvous four Does from the state top of Farzan, who were state and transformed into farmers by a smart. Var Inwards is a visual offline otome games for android developed by Idea House. The conversation of the gameplay aims much like a follower novel, with text us appearing at key links which will all inhabit your hope interest.

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You play as high school student Eri the name is changeable.

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