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Needless to say she sold A LOT of dresses, shorts, tee shirts and hats to us. We had agreed to give the driver a little more as it had been a long day and he was a good guy - so we handed over the Rp80, agreed over the telephone with his boss, and Rp20, extra as a tip. So we stood our ground and gave the poor embarrassed driver Rp, and walked off. This room is warm and inviting. The black-framed shower is consistent with what they've done elsewhere. The monkeys were well behaved and only jumped on people that had purchased bananas thank goodness! But what a nice surprise.


And of course there were the obligatory visits to the Spas. We were then taken to a "cheaper, family owned establishment" - more time wasted but his time silver was bought. But right now, someone just needs to get into their house and fix up those paint jobs. Check in easy peasy at Auckland, departed on time, newish plane with pretty purple mood lighting, friendly FA's and one of "those" women to keep us all entertained - who needs electronic inseat entertainment when you have your own comedian on your flight! Now some of my friends thought they had been here before albeit many years ago. We had a "midi" bus which fitted us all plus our luggage which was better than us splitting up into different taxi's. One of my friends has an uncle living in Bali so she brought with her and declared a range of food including cheese plus seeds and some plant cuttings for him. Not a great way to finish our day and my poor friend who had organised the driver felt terrible even tho' it wasn't her fault. Moala said she had been inspired by Randy Wilson, a evangelical American who runs gala events, known as "purity balls", to celebrate father-daughter relationships. We turned up once at around 5: But he doesn't like their little bedside lampshades. Check in was quick and easy and we were allocated 5 rooms all next to each other right beside the infinity pool. Their bathroom features stunning statement Moroccan tiles on the floor and white glazed tiles on the walls. Just as well site foreman Peter Wolfkamp The Wolf was on hand. If anyone knows, feel free to share No issues with food, toilets or FA's and before long we were touching down in Brisbane for our quick transit and onward flight to Auckland - It seemed like a dream might have something to do with the little blue pill. Bonham awards them a grand total of 2 out of It's very practical with loads of hanging space. Oh and Bali Zen goods now feature in a number of homes here at the Mount. We ended up speaking with his boss on his telephone as we were getting nowhere and as we were inconveniently parked blocking Garlic Lane in the rain, things were getting tense. I have reviewed both here on TA and gave them both 5 stars. It is organised by Ate Moala, a doctor and health researcher, who told the newspaper the camp was to help troubled teens who may have been abused and reconnect them with their families. And there's still a reasonable amount of wardrobe space there. But what about the bathroom? We think they were treated unfairly this week. It's just the poor paint finish that lets them down. We opened our doors onto a grassy area with a sunset view overlooking the ocean - what more could we ask for!


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