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We are running out of time. Does that mean that driving should be illegal? Anyone who refused to become a mental slave to their so-called religion was tortured or murdered. The few kids that are still using glue have greatly reduced their use. We have been silenced, forced underground, many were thrown in jail, had their kids taken away and their lives destroyed just because they chose to heal by consuming visionary sacred plants. It is much harder for an illegitimate corrupt government to lead the blind masses to their own doom when the masses are no longer blind. Another problem is that because psychedelics are illegal it is very hard to get any legitimate education on how to take them safely and with maximum benefit for the soul and body.

Naturism tv

For me it goes much deeper than that. Our very first rally to legalize psychedelic medicine and our 3rd annual Nude Summer of Love Parade are dedicated to Jerry Garcia and are meant to celebrate his music, his life and his legacy. The time has come to end this injustice once and for all. And as tempting as it is to blame Trump and Putin for the pain and the turmoil, the deeper truth is that the outside world is but a reflection of our internal mental and emotional state. Sacred plants come as allies, as spirit guides to assist us on our spiritual quest, to facilitate communication with higher consciousness. His medicines were love, music and psychedelics. I work with about a dozen kids from the age of 8 to the age of This parade is taking place shortly after the birthday of Jerry Garcia, the leader of the Grateful Dead band and one of the greatest healers of all times. The s were a very special time in history. We need healing in order to transform the nightmare into a dream. They help us heal childhood trauma, to gain clarity and vision. This has truly been a witch hunt that to this day most people want to ignore or defend. Psychedelics not only saved my life, they saved my very soul. Likewise, many of us, non-Native Americans on this continent, have been using psychedelic plants and their derivatives as a religious sacrament and as a medicine for soul and body. He is now a beautiful charming young man with a radiant smile. There are already a lot of great books, documentaries and ongoing educational events worldwide that enlighten people on this subject. We are all imprisoned by pain, shame and fear. We are going to continue educating the community about medicinal use of psychedelics. It is up to us and no one else what we choose to consume, how we choose to heal and how we choose to communicate with God. They brought us all together in ways that no one could have ever dreamed of in the past. They free us from the constraints and the lies of the ego and allow us to honestly feel our true emotions, good and bad. Jerry Garcia was the leader of the Grateful Dead band, a psychedelic guru and in my opinion the most powerful healer of all times. During the renaissance of psychedelic spirituality in the s the same criminals, the same child raping mass murderers became threatened by its power. They allow our minds to connect with our hearts, they helps us integrate our thoughts and feelings. Jerry has transformed hundreds of thousands if not millions of lives including mine. For me body freedom is not just about legalizing public nudity. He used to be a scared repressed kid whom no one ever noticed.

Naturism tv

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Naturisme TV - bande annonce - NatMag de d├ęcembre 2012

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