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Namor, the Sub-Mariner, which ran 62 issues April — May , was initially written and penciled by John Byrne who took over the inking as well from issues 4— Namor possesses a fully amphibious physiology suited for extreme undersea pressures, superhuman strength, speed, agility, durability, flight, and longevity. He had a limited empathic rapport with Namorita. Initially, Namor variously finds himself allied with the supervillains Doctor Doom and Magneto , but his royal nobility and stubborn independent streak make these alliances-of-convenience short-lived. Namor gives off a sense of charisma which most women tend to find captivating. This has been their perpetual relationship since first meeting years ago.


After being deposed from his throne, Namor joins the superhero team the Avengers. He uses "the power to surround himself with electricity in the manner of an electric eel" again in Strange Tales April , and Oct. Deep Six — A group formed by Attuma to maintain his rule of Atlantis during one of his periods as its conqueror. Both these super-groups were built around the core of Namor, Captain America, and the original Human Torch. He battles Namor repeatedly over the years, at one time an ally to the sea king, though today he has again chosen to be his enemy. In the series Sub-Mariner vol. Llyra — A Lemurian that usurped Karthon's rule of his kingdom and became Namor's enemy when he tried to restore his friend and ally. Leading the Nazis to Atlantis, their attack left its emperor in a coma with Namor succeeding him. This allows Namor to control his metabolism. His mother was Emperor Thakorr's daughter, Fen, and his father an American sea captain, Leonard McKenzie, of the icebreaker Oracle; they had fallen in love and married aboard ship while she was, unbeknownst to him, spying on the human intruders. His identity as a pre—World War II superhero is well-established, making him less subject to the sliding timescale of the Marvel universe. These extra powers were ignored, when Marvel gave Namor his own feature beginning in Tales to Astonish 70 Aug. Although the Sub-Mariner acted like a villain, his cause had some justice, and readers reveled in his assaults on civilization. Namor starred in the Golden Age comic book Sub-Mariner Comics, published quarterly, then thrice-yearly, and finally bimonthly, from issues 1—32 Fall — June A planned live-action television program starring Namor did not appear and the revival of the comic book series was cancelled a second time. He became the Prince of Atlantis, and a warrior for his people against the "surface-dwellers". Loa managed to use her ability to kill the sharks while Great White was defeated by Namor. Regaining his memory in this story, he becomes enraged upon learning that the original site of Atlantis was destroyed by nuclear testing, its inhabitants evacuated. He is a highly skilled business executive. They were used in one or two stories in F. Namor's first cover appearance: Though Namor's marriage to Dorma is still official, she dies as a result of Llyra's machinations. As part of his tradition as a pirate, Namor marks himself and his crew by slicing their ears to look like shark's fins. Father-daughter oceanographers Caleb and Carrie Alexander, theorizing that Namor's propensity toward rage is due to his half-human half-Atlantean blood chemistry, equip Namor with a monitor to warn when he has to seek either air or water. Cover art by John Romita and Mike Esposito.


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Doctor Dorcas — A brilliant scientist that created several of Namor's greatest threats such as Tiger Shark, Orka, and Piranha, often working alongside the likes of Attuma and Byrrah. His enthusiastic fans weren't offended by the carnage he created as he wrecked everything from ships to skyscrapers.

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