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He may have seemed like a commitment-phobe when you first started dating, but now he actually brings up topics that a few years ago would have sent him running for the hills. Every few weeks or so. We went for a long drive where he — having proposed to his now-wife less than a year ago — gave me lots of advice, a big hug and made me feel a lot less nervous about it all. I explained that I was engaged even though I technically wasn't at the time and they asked me how he proposed. All we know is we love each other, our pets, nerdiness, science, and books, and that's enough.

My boyfriend proposed

And the beauty of going about it like that is if someone can say yes to a proposal while furious at you — i. We eventually told everyone and we got the same questions over and over about whether a friend can officiate, when the wedding is, how the pets feel about this new development, and what the colors are. He cleans up his act. It was so difficult for me to propose to him. So, instead of giving in to cultural demands, I did what was best for him and me as a couple, and I proposed to him. We never talked about marriage and I was okay with that. Really wanted it, not just agreed to it. Maybe the stress of the ceremony, the relatives and all the rest of it and you've thought about all that, right? I explained that I was engaged even though I technically wasn't at the time and they asked me how he proposed. I grew up with a ton of stories about how men are supposed to propose to women, how they should create the perfect, amazing story. We didn't want to get married just to live together, and having kids this year is not an option for me for health reasons, but we saw no reason not to present ourselves as engaged. You're getting a ring, you're getting married. Little did I know, my boyfriend was displaying all the classic symptoms that he was going to propose. I know he is not romantic but I was hoping for more. Check out How He Asked's most popular proposal stories and get excited for what's to come! A week ago, about 15 minutes before he left for work, he tells me out of the blue that he has been thinking about this and thinks we should get married. Maybe there's an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" aspect to the whole situation. He wants to spend the rest of his life with you. We live in a place where it is almost impossible to get an apartment as a couple unless you are engaged, married, or knocked up. He didn't suspect the puzzle box was a ring at first because I've been giving him puzzle boxes for various presents for a while, but this one was much more difficult than the last one. It's culture that demands that the man decides when he's ready to get married. I feel like I deserve better. I knew she was The One. Growing Out of Their Single Ways You can tell the single days are behind them when their number-one priority is no longer themselves. For years, I thought it mattered that Andy did the asking, because I needed to know he wanted to get married.

My boyfriend proposed

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The Day Before I Proposed To My Boyfriend

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If your man is an old-fashioned guy, he may want to talk to your parents and ask permission before popping the question.

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