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However, I again fail to put things into context. Society will always have norms, and when you flaunt those norms in any aspect of society, not just this one , you are going to come up against people who will not agree with you. Here is what probably bothers me the most. All this is good and I believe it helps us as transgender people work through the very difficult process of transitioning. As for me, I was not sure and did not remember nor is it really any of my business whether you had taken physical steps to change your gender.

Mtf transition over 40

I am drawing a line in the sand here and saying that gender is not a fluid characteristic. We might choose another because it will get us where we want to go faster even though it will be more challenging. I saw the articles about how much harder it is to transition after 40, how much more limited the body changes can be. The despair went away and all it took was to quit fighting and to begin accepting. But this is in no way dismissive of you as a human being. Not agreed that gender labels are unnecessary. The truly damaging part of this comparison is that, like we humans tend to do, I become focused on the ways I perceive those people have progressed farther than me but I forget to acknowledge the ways that I perceive I have progressed farther than them. More and more I find myself able to just live and be a woman in this world without constantly thinking about everything I have to do to feel comfortable out in public, without obsessing over all the steps I have yet to tackle on my journey. That is separate from what gender he likes or even what gender he is. That is who you are in my head. There are no such rules, but there is social opinion, which I would opine currently tends to agree with my assessment, that gender is not fluid. I suppose it may come down to a descriptivist versus prescriptivist view of categories. I want all the things and I want them now. But again, nobody kept them from making or distributing this video. I want to be as beautiful as I can possibly be. If you had not, then as I stated above, it is my opinion that you are not a women just because you say it is so. They could mess up your health or your life. Most trans people who start in their late 50's can expect about a b cup. At times we may rejoin a larger path and follow it for another length of time until we have to choose again. Our transition journey is like walking through a large forest. Neither your gender nor your hair color nor your shoe size defines you. It also goes beyond making the physical changes. I hate the thought that cultures and micro cultures may have to retreat to their corners if common ground cannot be found because I believe working together and deliberating hard issues based on the broadest input, pro and contra, produces better decisions than more narrow, insulated groups. I have a friend who used to be a guy, but now he considers himself a girl. This video makes the agenda very clear.

Mtf transition over 40

Video about mtf transition over 40:

M2F / MTF Transition Timeline

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