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Obtain a plant species list and visit a native plant nursery to find out what species are available. Climate and weather The Sunshine Coast enjoys a mild, subtropical climate. Bicycling Sunshine Coast Regional Council bikeway A wide, cement bikeway runs beside a section of the park featuring tall open forest with scribbly gums, banksia woodlands, and low heath. Further information Getting there and getting around Cyclists, visitors in wheelchairs and parents with strollers can enjoy the park by using the cement council pathway that runs along a park boundary. Always carry enough drinking water.


Viewing wildlife Mooloolah River is a great place to view coastal plants and animals, especially in the cooler parts of the day—early morning and late afternoon—when wildlife is most active. Avoid theft—lock your vehicle and leave no valuables, including garage remotes. It is an important home for wildlife including the wompoo pigeon, eastern yellow robin, and the vulnerable Richmond birdwing butterfly. Key to track standards Use the track standards listed below and with each walking track description to choose walks that suit your groups experience and fitness levels. Wear sturdy walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Always stay on track and visit only on foot. Melaleuca walk Class 2 Distance: For more information see the tourism information links. Hairy bush pea Pultenea villosa is one of many wildflowers that colour the heath plain when wildflowers peak late winter and throughout spring. Walking tracks that pass through wet heathland are prone to water inundation from January to June—especially during the summer months. If you change your plans inform them. Things to do Track sections that pass through wet heathland are often waterlogged in the wetter months, particularly from January to June. Waterlogged areas are particularly sensitive to the impact of walkers. Many of the parks plants are adapted to fire and some germinate only after fire but there is a fine balance between appropriate frequency of fire to maintain species diversity and too frequent or too hot fires that reduce diversity. Rapid development along the coast has left very few of these habitats intact. Wallum banksia Banksia aemula woodlands, open forests and heath grow beside this walk. Features casuarina forest with an understorey of golden candlesticks Banksia spinulosa var. This short, self-guiding rainforest walk winds along a crystal clear creek. Complete your walk in daylight. Obtain a plant species list and visit a native plant nursery to find out what species are available. The river here is home to platypus, which may be seen by quiet and observant visitors at dawn and dusk. Growing native plants such as Boronia will help protect local biodiversity and attract native bees into your garden. The fire management trails are connected to each other, so a walk combining several trails can be planned. The majority of the park lies either side of the Sunshine Motorway with the Mooloolah River forming its south-eastern boundary. Drier winter months are best for walking.


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Drier winter months are best for walking.

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