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The GPS administration was not just dirty, but also creepy, discriminatory and retaliatory. Relevant to the position to which McCord hopes to ascend, you really must read the parts about his Gut Check hiring process pages 33, , are a sampling. Battle would get that position, and then there would be only three inadequate male finalists remaining for the GPS position. Finally, it was open and obvious that the additional compensation for Suzanne Zentner was buried in the consent agenda without a price tag or terms associated with this largess. Transparent Information, Promptly Available to the Public: Every student will have access to the same educational opportunities as every other student in the district. Instead of answering directly, the board got their pet lawyers involved. That someone is Westie! One of the reasons Westie brought this meeting to the attention of the board president was because it was an embarrassment.

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The status of requests for public records will be a monthly agenda item for board meetings. The Road Ahead is Perilous! Every student will have access to the same educational opportunities as every other student in the district. The key detail here is that Oscar is male. No more secret stipends to give Top Dogs new perks under the table. This was in addition to what happened when Oscar apparently deviated from the usual bus route which the students knew well ; Oscar allegedly told the kids he was kidnapping them all. All employees will be paid fully for all their work, and they will be paid on time. The safety of GPS students is at stake. What the governing board wants to avoid is a repeat of this sentiment in public: Further, the District needs to strengthen controls over its purchasing practices, cash handling, and fuel purchases. As the GPS Governing Board searches for a new superintendent for the beleaguered school district, Westie steps up to the challenge. While watching the board meeting last night, I saw what I believe is yet another egregious OML violation with item 7. The four finalists for Gilbert Public Schools superintendent are Dr. Apparently, the Top Dogs figure that in the case of an entirely preventable accident, they can blame the lowly bus drivers who barely make enough money for day-to-day survival. GPS will hire an independent Inspector General who will report to the GPS Governing Board, with the mission of detecting and deterring misconduct, fraud, waste and abuse … any abuse of the public trust. Having read and ruminated on the 8, comments made by folks on the official survey , Westie knows how to repair the ruined relationships that led to thousands of student losses over the past few years. No more witch smelling to cover up incompetent software implementation. No more allocating additional dollars for students at select schools. The second standard Paul Potts has for some of his employees apparently stems from misogynistic beliefs about women in traditionally male jobs in his realm: They expect to name the new superintendent shortly after that. Transparent Information, Promptly Available to the Public: Shannon Goodsell and Mr. Police officers allegedly were not amused that Paul Potts had simply reassigned Oscar following what GPS should have reported as a felony bomb threat , whether or not the bomb was fake. A negotiable benefits package and a start date will be finalized along with the contract. The days of top-down management are over for GPS. When GPS allows kids to stand in the aisles on the school bus, laws are violated.

Mesquite parent connect

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You all can do better on transparency. The status of requests for public records will be a monthly agenda item for board meetings.

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