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Elvis and June with The Carter Family were on tour, and one day Elvis was trying to tune his guitar while singing, "A-ummm. The earliest example given by the Oxford English Dictionary is from Anthony Boucher 's mystery novel The Case of the Solid Key , in which a character says "We met cute, as they say in story conferences". Be sure to vote up the meet-cute scenes - that kicked off some of the cutest movie romances - you think are the best below! The meet-cute is a Hollywood standard and many of the best relationships in film have featured the trope. Here are 11 romantic pairings throughout history whose first glimpses could have been the stuff of film. The title characters share a ride to New York City after college. I never stammered and still found myself not able to say much of anything. When she looked up she saw Cash himself standing there. Think of it this way:

Meet cutes

Ebert admits that he, as the screenwriter, wrote into the script a "classic Hollywood meet cute". The only important thing to remember is that—in a movie—the boy and the girl must meet in some cute way. Elvis and June with The Carter Family were on tour, and one day Elvis was trying to tune his guitar while singing, "A-ummm. In that movie, characters played by Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert meet when Cooper goes to a department store looking for a pajama top. Frequently, the meet-cute leads to a humorous clash of personality or of beliefs, embarrassing situations, or comical misunderstandings that further drive the plot. The boy and girl meet. These are the best meet-cutes in film history. Lennon then saw another piece of Ono's art that caught his eye—it was a hammer attached to a block , into which people were asked to pound nails. Etymology[ edit ] The origin of the term is unknown but it appears to have been familiarly associated with Hollywood screenwriting by at least Mary Matalin and James Carville Getty Images Carville, a staunch Democrat who strategized the presidential campaign of Bill Clinton, would seem like an odd match for Mary Matalin, a conservative Republican who served as deputy campaign manager for political operations on George H. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Getty Images The first time he set eyes on her, she took off her sunglasses to look at him from across a pool in Hollywood and then proceeded to ignore him. At 25, Michelle had just told her mom she was planning to focus on her career and forget about dating for a while; it always happens when you least expect it! The pair meet-cute on the streets of Hollywood, and Vivian is able to safely bring the big-time businessman back to his hotel. They officially started dating the next year. He asked her if he could hammer in a nail, but she said no because they gallery was not yet open to the public. Bosley Crowther , in his February review of Sunday in New York , writes that a character "is conveniently importuned by this attractive young fellow she happens to run into—to "meet cute," as they say—on a Fifth Avenue bus". The term is used in the film The Holiday by a film writer to describe the events which are unfolding in the film. Andrews instead of her first-choice Edinburgh. Nancy, an actress, got in touch to seek his help in getting her name removed from the McCarthy-era Hollywood blacklist of possible communist sympathizers, which was hampering her work prospects. Here are 11 romantic pairings throughout history whose first glimpses could have been the stuff of film. Think of it this way: Maybe the pair doesn't instantly connect. Years pass until they run into each other again, and finally become friends. But according to biographer Katie Nicholl, who wrote Kate: When they got back to New York, Sam and Olivia finally met in person when he dined with her family.

Meet cutes

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Top 10 Meet Cutes in Movies

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