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To join us, please fill out the membership form. A visit in to the house which was beginning to fall into disrepair by Des Moines architect and historian William J. The Jones family owned the house until and notably added a kitchen which created the west wing of the house ; thus, it was the Jones family who allowed Grant Wood to use their home as a backdrop for American Gothic. There is no conclusive evidence explaining why the Dibbles chose to place Gothic windows on the upper level. The visit to your American Gothic House was very interesting and enjoyable. Bill Wagner, letter to Robert Weidenbach, February 2, In the early s, a series of letters between Eldon businessmen and Carl E. Smith Scholarship Foundation, to provide full tuition for Alabama high school seniors to attend Alabama colleges. I will probably seem a little too enthusiastic, but I do feel you have a 'First' in Eldon.


Indeed, many southern Iowans were conflicted on the issue—the owner wanted to keep the house only because he believed the current renters would have nowhere else to go if they were forced to leave. Both features would later be exaggerated by Grant Wood in American Gothic. Participate To abide by and participate in the affairs and activities of the international societies. Smith, the newly-inherited owner of the house, revealed differing opinions on continued use of the house: It was the painting 'American Gothic' that made Grant Wood internationally known. About Us Membership is open to all whose name is McPhee no matter what spelling male or female , or who are descended from, by marriage to or adopted by a person with an eligible surname, or name is included in the accepted list of spellings of McPhee Macfie plus any other person who may have an interest in the history of Clan Macfie. She was chided for this bold diversion from the normal attire. He was among the first to suggest preservation of the house as a historic site: Each June, the city of Eldon holds its Gothic Days festival, a celebration of the painting and rural life in Eldon in the s. Smith wanted to renovate the house and protect it from vandalism only; the Eldon leaders were more in favor of making the house a historic site. The greatest advantage for leaving the house as is, is the vacant piece of ground across the road. Unite To unite society members in the bonds of clanship, fellowship and mutual understanding. She managed over 65 head of homebreds in three states, all boarded out. The clan banner is displayed at these events at which the Society participates. Mignon retired as Washington correspondent for the Alabama Radio Network after reporting news with and about Alabamians for some thirty years. The Clan Society receives an invitation to attend regular Scottish events held at other venues throughout the country. The adjacent American Gothic House Center, completed in , contains exhibits about the painting, artist Grant Wood, and the community around the house. The house was renovated in , with boosters hoping to see the house become a pop-culture tourism attraction, much like the Field of Dreams site in similarly rural Dyersville. After retiring from radio reporting, she devoted her full attention to thoroughbred breeding, racing, and sport business. Unique and unusual exterior features of the house include its two Gothic windows in the gable and its steep-pitched roof. Today the American Gothic House Center hosts approximately 15, visitors per year, which does not account for additional after-hours visitors. A similar style can be observed in the birthplace of President Herbert Hoover in West Branch , built a decade before the American Gothic House, which features board-and-batten siding, a simple shingled roof , a central chimney , white color, and a moderate size as well. Its relatively simple board-and-batten siding , white color, and moderate size—just square feet Smith was born in Birmingham, Alabama and grew up in a small town near Birmingham. Wood did not immediately regard the house as beautiful, but he did find it captivating. Smith Living Trust endowed The J.


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Craig Smith, was head of Avondale Mills, a large textile company manufacturing mostly denim cloth and cotton yarn. She was chided for this bold diversion from the normal attire.

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