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Comparisons motivate negatively, and we have all been through it at some point in our childhood. Where will he want to spend more time? Sharp stresses how much our background and upbringing shapes our attitude to work. A husband who works long hours often misses out on family time, leaving a wife stuck at home all by herself looking after the kids. Would that make you happy? He guessed he dedicated 70 per cent to work.

Married to workaholic

It would take up too much valuable emailing time. He wanted to spend it with his family. They were even eating dinner together most nights. This is an addiction which often finds support under the garb of making a career, providing for the family, roles, and responsibilities. My husband is an amazing man who has overcome many odds to get where he is at today. How does that compare to how he feels at home? Take Interest in His Work The constant mismatch of expectations causes grudges and leads to a rift in communication. Therefore, consider learning how to be respectful and then putting your attention on your own happiness. OK, it was Los Angeles, but still. Being the wife of a workaholic is absolutely exhausting. But, if he works every breathing moment of his life, if your vacations have become 'workations', and if he is married more to his work than to you, there is a problem at hand. In fact, I feel a tingle of pity for friends whose husbands sigh as they wait outside changing rooms on joint shopping trips, or who never let them out of their sight. Feeling lonely and abandoned is only natural. However, when such is not the case, feeling blue about it can prove to be detrimental to your marriage and children's development. Not enough to make it so. Having children, now eight and 10, she felt, shifted the balance. This also means that the majority of child care, house cleaning, cooking, and everything in between falls on my shoulders. Coping with a Workaholic Husband Find Your Interests While women make their husbands a focal point of their life, a man puts his career on the center stage. I watched him go to college full-time and work-full time. Make New Friends Somewhere along while we are dating, getting married, raising kids and family, we tend to put friends on the backseat. Then, something amazing happened. If your friends happen to live in a different city, make new friends. And you might feel less lonely, for sure. But, there is a reason why they say 'friends are forever', because they truly are. Complaining is not the same as expressing a desire that he could fulfill, which would give him the chance to be your hero. As harsh as this may sound, this remains the unchangeable reality of many married couples.

Married to workaholic

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I even have people tell me how lucky I am to get to stay home. Understanding him and his addiction to work will help you cope better in the marriage.

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