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Braun blesses you with a full-on grooming kit designed for precision control across the body. Its soothing elements, like allantoin and chamomile, help stimulate cell regeneration. Behold, your no-holds-barred guide to manscaping, from your brows down to your balls. Cover the body with a few drops and massage it in to give the razor smoother glide action. You can trim — albeit very carefully — with a body groomer on a low setting and with the guard on , or for smoother results, get the professionals in and book a wax.

Male scaping

Rinse, pat down dry, and prepare an aftershave balm. Moisturize every day to prevent friction burns. But what exactly falls under the manscaping pyramid remains a mystery to most guys. Invest in a nose trimmer , one with multiple heads to clear off the checklist. Why wouldn't they be? The Andis portable trimmer has the grooming prowess to clean up your mug in all areas with recessed cutting blades for closer, safer trims. These are awesome machines for undertaking pubic stubble. You can trim — albeit very carefully — with a body groomer on a low setting and with the guard on , or for smoother results, get the professionals in and book a wax. For an instant illusory extra inch or so, follow the same method as detailed for your balls above, taking care not to shave too far into the bush itself. Shorten Hair Length Ads and commercials might lead you to believe it all begins with a razor and some shaving cream. Remember, you can do as much or as little manscaping as you feel comfortable with. They work best for lifting whiskers off the body, require less application, and provide skin protection plus nourishment. Others love the reaction they get in the bedroom unveiling their crown jewels. It's formulated with active ingredients to simultaneously tackle razor bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. Another option is the electrical trimmer. In any case, however, the real question you should be asking is: Once finished, pat down arms and pits gently. A body groomer works best for the bush and upper parts of your legs. Head towards the shaft and hold everything upright as to not go against the grain with the blade. Here, we must insist on using shaving gels. The aloe-enriched formula relaxes hair and skin. Scrub-A-Dub Jump in the tub and apply some form of scrubbing agent body wash, shower gel, etc. Well, to understand the male grooming practice is to examine its full range, which could involve outlining one specific region of the body, or its entirety. Philips latest addition to the OneBlade lineup maintains the same grooming precision as its predecessor, only extending its hair removal capabilities to the entire body with a click-on skin guard that cares for sensitive areas. The contouring head remains untouched to effortlessly sweep across the curves of your physique. The abdominal area, not so much.

Male scaping

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Total Body Manscaping Tutorial (Butt, Back, Chest, Legs, Pits & Pubes)

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Opt for an aftershave balm to cool down and hydrate skin. This in turn releases ingrown hairs by freeing bacteria under the skin and calming inflammation.

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