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At nearby Clayhill Vineyard, Dale Symons produces light, summery wines, including a fine pinot noir and a refreshing auxerrois. I saw just one mention on my visit, and the little wooden salt factory could have been been plucked straight from pre-industrial times. The pub Maldon is blessed with a plethora of cosy pubs serving local ales. The Danes could only reach land via a tidal causeway joining Northey Island to the mainland, so it would seem that the Saxons had the upper hand. Thanks mainly to a lack of train station, it remains off the commuter trail, retaining a peaceful, friendly charm rarely encountered so close to London. The quayside area is fascinating for its maritime heritage and associations with the Battle of Maldon. Most people know Maldon as the site of a famous battle between the Saxons and Danes, but actually there were two battles here.

Maldon essex united kingdom

Wells ' The War of the Worlds ; Maldon is the town from which the narrator's brother and two female companions manage to escape across the channel. It is fun to visualise how the battle might have unfolded given the layout of the land. I should mention that Maldon sits at the junction of several main roads, and at busy times of day driving up Market Hill from the north can be pretty slow! A plaque erected by the Maldon District Council is set on the porch wall, affirming Maldon's claim to the 'Billy-o' phrase. If you follow the quay past a recreation ground, to the very end of the seawall, you will find Maldon's most recent attraction; a statue of Brythnoth, the Saxon defender of Maldon, defiantly holding a sword aloft, staring toward Northey Island, where the Danish invasion was launched. Our editors will review what you've submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we'll add it to the article. The town still had the mint and supplied a warhorse and warship for the king's service in return for its privileges of self-government. Cooks Yard , where barges were once built, is still working at the end of Maldon Quay. Thanks mainly to a lack of train station, it remains off the commuter trail, retaining a peaceful, friendly charm rarely encountered so close to London. Uh Oh There was a problem with your submission. Throughout the medieval period there seem to have been ongoing struggles between the crown and townsfolk for trading rights; in townsfolk held servants of the local lord ransom in a townhouse. Tour the historic chambers and displays of local history, and climb to the roof for views over the town. The prize exhibit is The Maldon Embroidery, a 42 foot long wall-hanging depicting scenes from Maldon's history. History There was a late Roman port here, on low ground on the south bank of the River Blackwater, but the main settlement grew further up the hill, where around AD King Edward the Elder built a fortified town, or burh. Edward Bright — was the "fat man of Maldon", a grocer who, at Unfortunately, our editorial approach may not be able to accommodate all contributions. Due to county and country commitments, Cook's most recent appearance for the club came in when he was rested from the Essex side for the domestic Twenty20 Competition. The hospital soon extended its mission to offer hospitality to any poor or ill person. There is still a meeting house on Market Hill, though Rev. Billio was known for his 'hellfire and damnation' preaching style, which proved enormously popular and attracted increasing numbers of worshippers. Edward Arthur Fitch, writing in about , states that from London's Liverpool Street station to Maldon East station via Witham there were eight trains on weekdays and three on Sundays and that via Wickford there were five trains on weekdays and none on Sundays. While the precise building date is unknown, the church existed by , the date of the foundation of nearby Beeleigh Abbey. The quayside area is fascinating for its maritime heritage and associations with the Battle of Maldon. Please try again later. In Bensusan's books, Maldon is called Market Waldron. In summer, the quay bustles with visitors, hiring barges for weddings or soaking up the sun at the Jolly Sailor or Queens Head. Maldon also hosts the international Maldon Festival, [17] which takes place each year in late June and July.

Maldon essex united kingdom

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Culture[ edit ] The town holds the charitable Maldon mud race where competitors race across the Blackwater estuary at low tide, along the bank and back through the water. Maldonians insist that Billio's preaching gave rise to the expression, 'like Billy-o', as in 'to go like billy-o'.

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