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You're loved and valued by many, and I'm one of them. I truly hope, that you get a moment of happiness today, for every inch that is separating us, because you truly deserve all the happiness possible. I love you so much. When a woman loves a man the way I love you, words fail to explain the extent. Send the perfect Long Distance Romantic Birthday Wishes and message for a very important occasion is not an easy task. Even though you can use these as they are, it is recommended to just use them for inspiration, and write something that comes from your own heart, for it to be more special.

Long distance birthday poems

Happy birthday, my love! My soul and heart are in half. I truly hope I could close the gap in my heart as easy as the distance between us. I fall in love all over again. This message is simple and short. In this special day, I would like you to know that I love the crying you, the sad you, the one who makes those ugly faces, all of you! I may not always be around, this long distance relationship may have been torturing us, but be assured that my love for you will never change. Kisses are great, but the kisses of the heart spark up a fire of love your heart has kissed mine, and I love you more every second. I love you so much. I love you lots and happy birthday to my one and only. All that I want. I hope my unconditional love fills you with hope and joy. Best Birthday to the person with whom I can refuge, relax and show my ugliest self knowing that I am loved! I'm madly in love with you. I know you are not a superhero but you really have some kind of a superpower. I know that our love and long-distance relationship is much stronger than our sadness. I wanna hug you so tight you'll feel my heart beating for you. May your life be full of joy and may your wishes come true! Happy birthday, my love. I miss you every single day.. May you receive the joy that you bestow on me. I really admire how you always made me feel better and made me trust myself again. To my superhero, the love of my life, best bday! What I feel for you is love and pure love. You're everything I need. So I did not buy you a cake. And all the gold and diamonds in the world cannot compare to you is worth.

Long distance birthday poems

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Long distance simple birthday surprise for girlfriend

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