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When the Virgo woman feels confident with the Libra man, she will open herself up to many hours of enjoyable conversation. The Libra man strives to avoid conflict at all costs. Although neither of them is known for temper tantrums, the Virgo woman will try and suggest to the Libra man ways to improve himself. Keen is for entertainment purposes only. For this sexual relationship to work, they need to coordinate the emotions they give and receive. Virgo is a sign where Venus falls and this is the ruler of Libra and a planet that, shoulder to shoulder with the Moon, represents our emotions. Additionally, she expects him to return to her and ask for forgiveness.

Libra man virgo female

What really works on her nerves is when he refuses to argue with her. Their children will be disciplined, well-behaved and good mannered. He too can be infuriating for the Virgo woman, especially when he is indecisive. They will not be unkind to others, but rather treat everyone exactly the same. In her view, she is trying to help, but he will view it as her nagging to get her own way. She will want to talk about their problems, and he will prefer to keep the peace. Only then will they be able to satisfy each other. There is rarely anything extreme about their contact and they will mostly enjoy the usual, relationship activities with one another. Positive Traits Once the Virgo woman makes a commitment, she seldom strays from it. They are mutually intellectual and will find that they have a lot in common. Virgo, willing to please, will easily take over the responsibilities and decisions that Libra needs to take on. This continuous nagging will hurt him deeply. But constantly being under scrutiny and criticism by a Virgo woman can break almost anyone down — especially the sensitive Libra. Her intuition will serve her well in pleasing him. She is very self-sufficient, structured, and efficient. But this earth and air match has the potential to make their complex compatibility work. The Virgo woman finds this incredibly frustrating, as her solution to conflict is to discuss it at great lengths. Libra is tactful and thoughtful enough for Virgo not to feel bad about their choices. At times this can even be beneficial, as the Libra man can improve his airy ideas with her grounded and practical suggestions. The value and stability of emotions that needs to be found by Libra, seems to lose all meaning when rational Virgo comes along. The Virgo woman is very selective in her choice of men and will feel secure in the trust that they are able to share. He will make sure that she too is able to enjoy their love making. They will probably be driven crazy by each other, one of them trying obsessively to keep things clean and looking as if they were scared of any emotional contact, and the other strict in their search for spiritual love and a partner they can really talk to. There will be many things for them to talk about. This transforms the slow burn of their sexual chemistry into something they both crave and find fulfilling. Should he decide to let her make the final decision on matters, it will work out well for them. Keen is for entertainment purposes only.

Libra man virgo female

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They are mutually intellectual and will find that they have a lot in common. She is reserved, watching the confident and flirty man from across the room.

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