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After that we had a decent booty call relationship. I don't regret going for a Libra because I can finally say he makes me happy I've been "seeing" this Libra guy, as I read here on the posts I agree that we can't talk over the phone, but as soon as we meet up we can't keep our hands from each other - I also agree with the arguments - we not even in a relationship but argueing like an old married couple I've been crazy for a Libra man since I first met him 10yrs. We are both very outgoing fun loving people, we are very much a like. It should come as no surprise that the scales are very romantic individuals, and this bliss only grows with a partner who will respond to their romantic gestures by showering them in the same. Basic Compatibility Libra men and women tend to value two things most highly, partnership and balance in every aspect of their lives.

Libra man and libra woman marriage compatibility

Next time I meet a Libra man, I will keep it at the friend only zone. I'm a Libra man and have been with a Libra woman. Astrological Soulmates Libra Man and Libra Woman When two Libras fall in love, the result is a highly romantic and idealistic partnership, filled with dreams and friendships. Lol I'm lookin for a Leo lol Ugh! Right now I am just starting to see a Leo and an Aquarius. Yes, he is sophisticated, love the finer things in life and is highly wanted to be in charge. I am a Libra girl who dated a Libra guy for just over 2 years. Although Libra people are generally easy going and good natured, this couple do actually bring out the temper in each other. And both are restless, energetic, outgoing, opportunistic and ambitious while dealing with a project. This team actively works against unfairness and injustice. However, sharing the same strengths means that this couple also share the same weaknesses. I am Libra girl interested and a Libra guy who happens to have the same birthday as me.. The Libra male tends to be very generous with his money, spending freely on his mate, his family, and his close friends. I'm interested in a Libra guy and I hope it goes much better than some of these experiences. He brought out the worse in me! I see a lot of what I used to be or go through in her. This may be the "time out" that we both need to see where this will go LOL reading this and nodding my head all the way through. Don't believe all those sweet nothings and that false charm, because underneath they're rotten to the core. I can assure you Libra man, can and will step up to the plate. Even though not a mind-glowingly fantastic one, this combo can really be counted as compatible. We'll help anyone in need. For example, balance may seem rather general of a description to one partner, while the other views it specifically down to the very last detail. Everything can seem to go well when your minds and lives seem to be two of a kind, but beware of the moment they are not. There is a bond like a magnet, however as one post states, we can't seem to talk on the phone I will date with a woman Both are quite happy to live in this little fantasy bubble of perfection, and since neither partner has a strong handle on reality, that can become a real problem for Libra man Libra woman compatibility.

Libra man and libra woman marriage compatibility

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Libra man sagittarius woman - Libra man and sagittarius woman love compatibility

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I'm a Libra girl Oct. Like all relationships between two people of the same sign , this has its problems.

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