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Participants provided verbal informed consent. Some subsegments of the LGB population e. Findings from this study support efforts aimed at identifying tobacco disparities in terms of sexual orientation. Still, we found significant differences in rates between men who self-identified as gay and men in the general population Health theories in general have been based on studies of men. How do we define who is lesbian? Alcohol and tobacco use patterns among heterosexually and homosexually experienced California women.

Lesbian ses

HIV infection and stroke. How do we define who is lesbian? How do lesbian health needs fit into the health care system and the larger society? The book discusses how to determine which questions to ask about sexual orientation, the need to obtain information without violating privacy, the importance of considering racial and ethnic diversity in the study of lesbians, strategies for exchanging information among researchers and disseminating findings to the public, and mechanisms for supporting greater numbers of researchers. The outing of Philip Morris: Although both the general population and some key priority populations have benefited from such comprehensive targeting and monitoring, the LGB population has been largely ignored. Gruskin took the leadership role in designing and writing the article, leading the analysis team, and revising the final draft. Battering victimization among a probability-based sample of men who have sex with men. Philip Morris to push brand in gay media. Differences in current smoking rates were apparent among women of low socioeconomic status SES. A campaign urges gay men and lesbians to resist tobacco ads. Behavioral risk factors for disease and preventive health practices among lesbians. Cigarette smoking among lesbians, gays, and bisexuals: However, it must be noted that lesbian and bisexual women distributed much more evenly into subgroups than did gay and bisexual men, so our lack of significant findings for the latter group may have been a function of poor statistical power. Understanding childhood sexual abuse as a predictor of sexual risk-taking among men who have sex with men: Significant differences in basic indicators such as daily cigarette smoking and average cigarette consumption were also found. What risk and protective factors shape the physical and mental health of lesbians? The book explores many other issues including the potential for transferring findings in this field to other population groups, including other rare populations and women in general. In addition, the smoking rates observed for each of our age groups were higher than those reported by Gruskin et al. Our results support those of earlier studies indicating that smoking prevalence rates are higher in the LGB population than in the general population. Sexual orientation data collection and progress toward Healthy People Tobacco use and cessation among a household-based sample of US urban men who have sex with men. An analysis of tobacco industry marketing to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender LGBT populations: Furthermore, as noted by Archer et al. Effect of smoking on the clinical progression of HIV-1 infection. Matevia analyzed the data.

Lesbian ses

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As mentioned, our results indicate that smoking rates are higher in the LGB population than in the general population.

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