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As is common with biopics of this type, details that do not fit in with the film's quasi-fictional plot tend to be sidelined. In fact, the part I really liked was the positive portrayal of him. Dors is played by two actresses, Keeley Hawes and Amanda Redman. Not so in this pic, and as a big fan of Mr. As a husband he proved a disaster, being unfaithful, frequently drunk, violent and abusive. This may seem unfair; she was doubtless far from being the only Hollywood star of the time to have been guilty of adultery, but RKO had been deeply embarrassed by Hamilton's conduct and wanted any excuse to be rid of her. Sign in to vote. Trivia Bombshell's name is a reference to the Operation Ivy song of the same name. When Dors, provoked beyond endurance by Hamilton, started an affair with Rod Steiger, her studio, RKO, invoked a "morality clause" in order to terminate her contract.

Lesbian bombshell

Lee Thompson's anti-death penalty film "Yield to the Night" in which she played a convicted murderess. Like Hamilton, he was an alcoholic, and soon after his marriage to Dors served a jail term for his part in a pub brawl. There is also a tattoo close to her throat and a labret piercing at her lower lip. She has two tufts of hair on either side of her cheeks. Screen biographies may be telling a story based upon fact, but they way they tell that story often has much in common with works of fiction, and this one has an underlying narrative structure that could essentially be that of a novel. The heroine has a troubled, turbulent youth, but then finds the love of her life and achieves and true happiness with him after helping him overcome his own problems. Mae later laments not having gotten Bombshell's info, and apparently hopes she might be able to meet her again at some party in the future. So where did it all go wrong? Hamilton was a handsome young man who claimed to be an actor himself but who never seemed to appear in anything. This film was originally made as a two-part mini-series for British television. Which doubtless explains, in answer to another reviewer's question, why she was never made a Commander of the British Empire. She never, however, quite made it to the top. It always seems like the main subject of the movie gets away scotfree no matter what they did, and the husbands or wives get crapped on. The Long Fall when hanging out with Bea during the Proximity scene. Species Bear Bombshell is a minor character in Night in the Woods. She was never able to convey the seductive glamour which was the young Diana's hallmark and which shone out of her even in her most second-rate films. Hawes plays the younger Dors of the forties and fifties, but I felt that she struggled under the burden of bearing very little resemblance to the woman she was portraying. Her own sons have said that. Mae appears to be somewhat swooned by Bombshell, who also seems to show some interest in return. James Hitchcock 9 January Warning: Before I watched, I honestly expected the writers to trash him. As a husband he proved a disaster, being unfaithful, frequently drunk, violent and abusive. Graves made Hamilton seem convincingly unpleasant and yet was also able to bring out the character's dangerous fascination for women, persuading us that an intelligent woman like Dors could have fallen for him even though she knew him to be a cad. That could almost be the plot of "Jane Eyre". Richard Dawson quite a twist, don't you think? In her early career in Britain she appeared in some critically acclaimed films, notably J. To my father's generation in the fifties, however, she was one of the world's most beautiful women, an authentic sex symbol who could have been Britain's answer to Marilyn Monroe or Brigitte Bardot.

Lesbian bombshell

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Spoilers To my generation, growing up in the seventies, Diana Dors was something of a joke, a blowsy, overweight actress who was well past her prime but refused to admit it, the sort of woman for whom the phrase "mutton dressed as lamb" could have been invented. All of I really knew her as was the ex-Mrs.

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