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Don't spend 8, on a new bike until you have seen this bike. A freshened top end might be imminent. I live in Portland Oregon and here's my cell number: Always professionally maintained from new by certified shops: Located in Spencerville, IN This is the motorcycle that Harley-Davidson sued Honda over when it came off the assembly line because it sounded so much like a Harley. I noticed that the speedo I installed doesn't work, so will have to try another. I've had this bike waiting for me to pay it some attention for 4 years.

Lake elsinore tattoo shops

After about a year of ownership I decided to make some upgrades with a Vetter Windjammer III faring, back rest and saddle bags, in other words a full dress bike. The bike is licensed so you can ride it on the street. Touch the button and ride it down the street. This bike has no battery. Have title as well. I live on the south coast of Oregon but come to Portland frequently and could bring this bike or the other one I have for sale with me. The whole bike sits a bit higher than standard TT's due to the suspension mods. Oil changed with Castrol Synthetic every 2 rides. I prefer the lighter TT suspension and wheels. Excellent Cond, 10, miles. Refurbished carb and engine serviced. It also supplies, once again, absolutely reliable 12v electrical supply with or without a battery. I am the second owner purchased in The brakes were equally overhauled. Motor completely rebuilt by American Dirt Bike. Engine parts for these are easy to come by and fairly cheap. Filter changed every ride. Stainless power-bulge pipes and silencers[!? Always professionally maintained from new by certified shops: New chrome laced wheels. A freshened top end might be imminent. Don't buy a new bike until you've seen this bike first. Sat on powdercoated Grimeca wheels with wide sticky tyres, bespoke stainless discs, braided lines, marmisto alloy yokes and refurbished, shaved forks. This bike was state of the art in the late 70's and still rides well today. When I got the bike the Cunutt's did not work so well. Every modification work carried out on this bike was all done by professionals and this finally leaves this bike in very fantastic condition.

Lake elsinore tattoo shops

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Skin Deep Tattoo's, David Bustamante aka Mouse, creating some very nice Black and Grey...

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Calls are not so good for me. I have the Curnutt shocks that came with it as well.

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