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That means fleas will sink and drown in water containing Dawn rather than float on the surface and possibly survive. Take a flea comb and dip it into the basin. A few readers have suggested that some cotton wool is used to ensure water is kept away from the ears, so give that a try if you want. Dawn is safe for kittens when used properly. Post-bathing rituals Once you have gotten the fleas off your cat, brush him and towel dry him vigorously.

Kitten fleas dawn soap

If those kittens are infested with fleas , however, that joy quickly turns to concern. As Pest Policy points out, this dishwashing liquid is especially effective at drowning fleas. If fleas or flea dirt are present, treat the kitten for fleas right away. For any cat, bathing more than once a month will dry out the skin, although when it comes to fleas, the decision is a balance between dry skin and biting, possibly disease-carrying insects. Make sure that every permanent feline and canine resident of your home is on monthly flea prevention. If you live in an area with cold weather, please make sure that the cat is completely dry to avoid any chance of it catching a chill and getting sick. The Dawn residue will help keep the flea population down. Once the cats are old enough, it's wise to use products meant to eliminate fleas on felines or give them a thorough washing rather than rely on Dawn. It cannot be overstated that seeing fleas is not necessary for a diagnosis and that over the counter products are often ineffective or even dangerous. Comments If you are the proud owner of a furry companion, chances are that you have had to deal with fleas on more than one occasion. Seriously though, any Dawn dish will work perfectly fine, so just grab some and get started with the flea extermination process, instead of overthinking it. I suggest that you use your finger to carefully apply some Dawn in these areas, being extra careful to avoid their eyes, as it is critical that all the fleas are killed. Never dunk a kitten's head under water. Many kittens will be too young or small for an approved treatment. Instead, you will need to provide the kitten with a bath. How might my veterinarian diagnose it? Dawn breaks through that layer, so water enters the flea's respiratory system and drowns the insect. Second, you want to soak your pet in the water, ensuring that it reaches the skin in all areas of the body. Please feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comment section at the bottom of this article. Just keep in mind that you need something that is as natural as possible, without harsh chemicals or heavy scents, as these could have harmful effects on your pet. Dawn contains surfactants, which reduce surface water tension. Keeping this in mind, I recommend that you check out my article on treating fleas with diatomaceous earth for a natural, cheap way of getting rid of fleas in your home. I have received a couple emails that recommend putting the Dawn soap directly into the spray bottle. If this is the case, I recommend that you empty the water and refill it, otherwise it can get rather messy. If you are using dawn on a dog or a cat, I will provide some additional tips a little later in this article. The Dawn lowers the surface tension of the water, leading to the fleas demise.

Kitten fleas dawn soap

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How to Give a Kitten a Flea Bath

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First, unless you want to use water from an outside hosepipe which is fine , fill a bath with lukewarm water about 70 degrees Fahrenheit , as this makes it less of a shock for your dog when being introduced to the water. If you are using dawn on a dog or a cat, I will provide some additional tips a little later in this article.

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