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When used correctly this provides intense surface level stinging, it can also break the skin easily. The best way to learn is to take a martial arts class, preferably one with sparring. This is at the heart of all things kinky; consent is very, very important. Switch — One who switches between roles. Can include rope bondage, suspension bondage, leather bondage, furniture and device bondage, predicament bondage.


Consensual Nonconsent, while it can be very hot, can also be serious mojo to play with; approach with caution. During ConNonCon, the scene may have the outward appearance of being very violent, and without the consent of one party; essentially, a rape scene. Aftercare is widely considered to be an essential part of kinky play. A thud is felt deeper into the muscle and is caused by a slower, heavier. Can be employed for dominance, sex, art, or anything you like. Including but not limited to spanking, slapping, caning, flogging, paddling, punching, hitting, etc. Usually involves some kind of power exchange. Many bottoms report their pain tolerance sky rocketing, and a desire to keep playing forever. I recommend that beginners start slowly. The best way to learn is to take a martial arts class, preferably one with sparring. It is complex scene play, which usually has a pre-negotiated safeword and extensive discussion of boundaries and limits beforehand. Impacts chiefly produce two types of sensations — stings and thuds. Some people enjoy being punched with a closed fist, but this is quite dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Floggers come in many sizes, with any number of tails and often specific names based on those numbers, such as a cat-o-nine-tails. Can be done with saran wrap, plastic, rubber, fabric, or with special equipment like vaccubeds. You can cut your partner up and even loose eyesight. They walk around, check in on different scenes, are responsible for ousting unsafe of inappropriate players etc. Different waxes can be used, although many burn at different temperatures, and good research beforehand is highly recommended. These are easier to use than classic single tail whips because energy is dispersed over a wider surface area. One who receives sensation of action. Masochist — One who enjoys receiving pain. Practice on a pillow until you can confidently hit the spot you intend to hit with the intensity you planed to use every single time. Rarely are these actual dungeons. Play parties differ in size, rules, and etiquette, but often involve dressing up or down , various kink activities bondage, sadomasochism, and sometimes sex. Saying yes please Sir or Madam!


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Collaring ceremonies are common in BDSM, and can range anywhere from a simple commitment or preference for wearing a collar, to a level of seriousness on-par with an engagement or marriage.

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