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However, she swam a good race in the Fly just missing out on a place in the final by 0. Well done to you all for achieving entry times for the Summer Nationals. All eight swimmers finished in the top ten of their age group in at least one event. Over the three day event our swimmers excelled themselves with some excellent racing from all who competed, achieving many LC PB's between them. All in all this years Champs has been a great success, not only have we had a record number of swimmers qualifying for the event, the team had some outstanding swims between them gaining plenty of LC PB's, making many finals and winning medals.


Junior Coach, Rachel Reilly is very proud of all her swimmers, and the team as a whole coming away with Top Visiting Club. After a long year of training hard, early mornings and putting in the hours, it all came down to this last event of the swimming calendar year and our swimmers did the club proud with some fantastic performances. Wrekin doesn't usually enter the relay events, as a small club we don't have the depth of swimmers and those swimming relays would usually have 2 or 3 finals to swim afterwards, which, from past experience, can be too much. Having had a good swim in the m Ella went on to have a great swim in the m, gaining a new lifetime Personal Best and finishing 12th in the 16yr age group. For Sam and Harriet this is their first time competing at this event so a huge well done to both. Seven swimmers qualified for a total of fourteen finals and many Long Course Personal Best times were achieved in heats and in finals. However, she swam a good race in the Fly just missing out on a place in the final by 0. With a few weeks left of the qualifying window for British Champs and Summer Nationals, Wrekin has several swimmers in contention for making it into those top ranking places. Well done to you all for achieving entry times for the Summer Nationals. Ella Townson decided to only swim in the one individual event this year, the Fly, swimming 6 seconds faster than last year saw her finishing 5th in the final. Congratulations to the following swimmers who placed in the Top three overall places: With eight of our team finishing many races in the top three places, and Sam Neeld, Will Slawson, Zara Leleux, Ella Thatcher-Plant and Leon Steer taking Gold medals, the team put in a fantastic performance across this full weekend of competition. As a club we finished sixth in the Top Club rankings, an amazing achievement against some big City clubs with only eleven swimmers. Harriet Smith showed yet another year of improvement in her age group, taking many Silver and Bronze medals across her events and gaining some excellent PB's especially in the Fly and FC. Alannah Kay reached all three Fly finals and won Silver in the fly event. Will Timmins had some fantastic heat swims, gaining some great LC PB's and qualifying for his first Champs final in the FC and finishing a credible 6th. It was great to see so much support for the team, from swimmers poolside, parents spectating and the home supporters watching live streaming from wherever they may be, all making Wrekin College SC a great team to be a part of. On behalf of the swimmers and parents, a very big thank you to David and Rachel for their constant support, encouragement and belief in their swimmers abilities, through what can be a challenging journey at times, but also a hugely rewarding one too. Most of the swimmers were the younger members of the club, some were managing to knock 15 seconds or more off their PB's, proving that hard work in training pays. With the team qualifying for twenty seven different events between them this five day event should see plenty of pool action for the club. For some of our Junior members of the club, not only was this their first time competing at this level, but also their first time racing in a 50m pool. Ella Thatcher-Plant won a Bronze medal in the 16yr m Free. Following on from their performances at the West Midland Championships both have been selected to attend the West Midland regional development camps to be held in September, October and November. Huge thank you to all those who helped out at our weekend of bag packing at Morrisons, Lawley. Well done to you both and keep up the hard work in training. All the finals produced close races between all the swimmers, and medals were decided on tenths or even hundredths of a second, giving everyone some very exciting and close racing to watch. Having missed out on last year's Champs, Woody Goodall made a great come back in his Backstroke events, winning bronze in the 50m, m AND m.


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Most of the swimmers were the younger members of the club, some were managing to knock 15 seconds or more off their PB's, proving that hard work in training pays.

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