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Stay up to date with the latest happenings at our synagogue. Driving to pick up and load donations Assisting in donation pick ups Unloading and sorting Stocking in the Corner Market and making food bags Children 5 and up are welcome with adult supervision. Throughout the High Holy Days each of us can make a difference in the lives of those in need. Shabbat Dinner in the Sukkah Friday, September 28th, 7: It impacts not only the cost of the event, but also the amount of food prepared, the setup of the room, and many other details.


You can also sign up online through the JFS online volunteer portal www. Their mission is to create opportunities for the underserved to become future leaders through quality early education. Click here for reservations and more details. Secure your reservations by noon on Friday, September 21st. Rosh Hashana, Monday, September 10th, Cell Phone and Electronic Device Use The use of cell phones or any electronic device is strictly prohibited on the High Holy Days and Shabbat in the sanctuary and on the synagogue grounds. We will provide you with all of the guidance, assistance, and information that you will need. The middle lot will be open for general parking and the lower level will be for those who have purchased reserved spaces. Sorry, we cannot offer refunds for any cancellations. Directions and more details are here. The entire congregation, collectively, appreciates our ushers and greeters efforts to make the High Holy Days a warm, welcoming, and spiritually meaningful experience. For many, hunger is a daily experience. The upper lot will be reserved for handicapped parking only. Yom Kippur, Wednesday, September 19th, For our five High Holy Day services, we have fifty 50 time slots that need to be filled. A great deal of planning goes into our events to make sure everyone has the best possible experience. You must possess and show a DMV placard to be admitted into these spaces. It impacts not only the cost of the event, but also the amount of food prepared, the setup of the room, and many other details. Saturday, September 20th, 7: Please contact the office or go online to reserve your space. Click here for more details and a list of requested items. Following a special Shir Chadash Shabbat, join us for a delicious catered dinner, dining under the stars in our sukkah. An event for families of with children birth — 13 years old Silverman Preschool and Abraham Ratner Torah School will host this casual get-together featuring a fun cereal bar and more. Events and Celebrations Selichot Saturday, September 1st, 7: Shake it… Order Your Lulav and Etrog for Sukkot A limited number of Lulav and Etrog sets are available and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis. Teen Programming will be available on: Click here to see what shifts are available.


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It impacts not only the cost of the event, but also the amount of food prepared, the setup of the room, and many other details.

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