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Through ignorance, Christians, who call polygamy sin or adultery, implicate God in wickedness. The Lord was not a husband to "their fathers" since that would make God a homosexual or homoerotic. But she did not return. And he had two wives,… 1Sam 1: Perhaps the Word has a mistake after all?


All those who claim to be standing on the Word might need to rethink. Eigen previously wrote of psychoanalysis as a form of prayer in The Psychoanalytic Mystic. In Ezekiel 23 the Lord speaks of the divided kingdom of Israel as two wives who had committed adultery. And he had two wives,… 1Sam 1: Through ignorance, Christians, who call polygamy sin or adultery, implicate God in wickedness. She has gone up on every high mountain and under every green tree, and has fornicated there. But you play the harlot with many lovers; yet come back to Me, says Jehovah. If polygamy is adultery as the traditions avow, then God is an adulterer which is an abhorrent suggestion and it is tradition which needs to re-examine its falsehood that polygamy is adultery. Did God permit Himself to act below His own high standards here? Denying God's Word is not an option. Read these chapters and see where they take you. The God of the Baptists, the Methodists and any other denomination we can name is polygynous. This book brings out ways that a sense of infinity interweaves with everyday life, at the same time it faces the destructiveness of life and human nature and attempts to work with it. Of course not, but tradition calls polygyny wickedness and in so doing are contrary to God, His Word and His actions. Both are preoccupied with ontological implications of the Unknown and the importance of emotional life. Sin is that which falls short of the will of God, if polygamy is falling short of God's "perfect" will, then tradition is unwittingly suggesting God is a sinner, falling short of His own "perfect" will. The Lord through the prophet is addressing the northern Kingdom of Israel as this verse shows: No, the Lord was a husband to the two sisters as he declared in Ez. Bion called faith "the psychoanalytic attitude" and Eigen here explores creative, paradoxical, multidimensional aspects of faith. Perhaps the Word has a mistake after all? The fact that God had two wives in a figure certainly would shock the foundations of the local "born again" assemblies most of whom claim to be New Covenant Christians. God is not a monogamous God, our God has two wives in His relationship with the two kingdoms of Israel. If you as a Christian feel some sense of betrayal by those you trusted to teach you accurately, then we understand. In Kabbalah and Psychoanalysis he writes of creative faith. If polygamy was adultery then any sons or daughters of one or both of God's wives would have to be illegitimate according to tradition but of course we have to acknowledge that the Saviour came through Judah, the southern Kingdom; one of God's wives. This work is a psychospiritual adventure touching the places Kabbalah and psychoanalysis give something to each other. Michael Eigen uses aspects of Bion, Winnicott, Akivah, Luria and Nachman and many more as colours on a palette to open realities for growth of experience.


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Samaria is Oholah, and Jerusalem is Oholibah. Sessions as crucibles in which diverse currents of personality mix in new ways, alchemy or soul chemistry perhaps, or simply homage to our embryonic nature which responds to the breath of feeling moment to moment.

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