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Like what would actually wanna do with your everyday life? The plan was not to die at 20 years old and it just caused me to sit down and look over my entire life and think, wow, you know, just to be able to breathe, to be able to move, to be able to walk and talk and do all these simple things — they are not simple. So keep her in your prayers and best intentions, but what was wild, because I remember getting that, you know, text through my friend [0: What kind of emotion would you experience? If you are really enjoying it, think who else would actually benefit from listening to this in your network, who would get value from you sharing such great content with them.

Jairek robbins instagram

There were video from the news, where it looks like the wicked witch from the Wizard of Oz, where the house falls on her and her little legs are sticking out. Where would you be? She had only so much time left before it ends. Out of these obstacles, we need to see what can be learned from these; how can we use these to further help us grow. So much indeed and you certainly sound like you are gonna run of things to do in this life time because as you said, there are no ordinary moments and that even if you have been to see a place before, you can take someone else there and give them the experience. Be caught in the results and please stop that you are doing. I think one of my favorite analogies I heard from a family member was, if you imagine 5 days from now, you are gonna die, how would you go about life differently? Jairek, if there was one book that you would recommend for our listeners that would be a must read after they have read your book, what would that be? And being told, I think about a year or two before, that she had this cancer and she all of a sudden knew that she was on a very limited runway. They own anywhere between 5 to 7 companies, make a half million or more than that take home after taxing [0: You just add Jairek Robbins. Please go ahead and share as widely as you can. Thank you for everyone for sharing a littel bit of your years adn life with us. How would you talk to people? What would you wanna build? Thank you so much. How would you feel? And Jairek, if anyone wanted to contact you or be connected with your organization, where is the best place for them to come and visit? Every day they wake up just to go through the grind again and again and again and again and again. They write us a letter and say, hey, thanks for helping me remember why I wanna be alive. They are being driven by pure potential and possibility of that moment, which is for better words, I think a good thing for most people. The plan was not to die at 20 years old and it just caused me to sit down and look over my entire life and think, wow, you know, just to be able to breathe, to be able to move, to be able to walk and talk and do all these simple things — they are not simple. And in that same village, I remember watching a little man sweep leaves every morning and just watching so much of joy filled his space and filled his face and filled his heart and you could tell this man was living true to his deep, deep profound purpose in life. You know, just being friends, sharing community with people that I really care about, doing stuff that I really enjoy, being around people that are important to me. They lack the ability to recognize the miracles in motion and to realize there are no ordinary moments. All the details that make your life absolutely spectacular, a life worth living and, you know, from first thing in the morning — where would you wake up? You are more capable than you think you are.

Jairek robbins instagram

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Jairek Robbins - Live It - The 3 Steps To Living a Life of Purpose

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How much laughter and joy will fill the air in conversation? And over these last couple of days, you know, watching her struggle to be able to grip a spoon and her arm shake and rattle as she is trying to reach forward to pick up a piece of food on it and you know, watching her slowly watch the hand try to move towards her mouth and half way the food dropping off the spoon and then her trying to go back for another scoop and realizing they are no ordinary moments.

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