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Many examples, like when Pewdie played Dead Island together with Morfar, another Swedish Let's Player with a similar fan-artistic, yet smaller, fanbase. He's apparently afraid of ghosts. Subverted during his playthrough of McPixel , where he opened one of his videos with "My name is Macpewdie and welcome back to more McPixel. Then after several hours, on December 9, he reclaimed the title once again but three days later, reclaiming it on December 22 of that year. Perhaps a bit of a control freak. PewDiePie has again apologized however gave a middle finger to Wall Street Journal as well as expressing how excited he was for finally being an independent channel again. His playthrough of Sonic.

Jacksepticeye the walking dead

He currently resides in Brighton, United Kingdom. Don't be hating, I'm a fucking unicorn. Pewdie has a lot of these. On December 8, , he beat the YouTube channel to reclaim the 1 spot and then lost it only a day later to YouTube again. Pewdiepie would start to gain media attention in as he uploaded videos of his dark humor and likable reactions to computer games, horror games however really boosted his subscriber growth. Stephano is a "talking" golden statue that shares most of Pewdie's fan art, and is usually found early on in custom stories made specifically for him. His dad's name is Ulf Kjellberg. He enabled the comments again after a while and at times later that year and in replied to the nicer ones. PewDiePie has gained controversy about the meme. Too many instances to count, whether it be thumbnails or in-game. Disabling the comments On August 29, , Felix decided to shut down the comments, because they were mostly spam comments from fake PewDiePie channels. Felix's mother's name is Johanna Kjellberg. Then he hunts down Ken, much to the surprise of everyone else. Perhaps a bit of a control freak. Billy and Clint For a while, in late Felix and Marzia also had 2 axolotls, Billy and Clint, but they had to be given away due to their fish tank breaking. Subverted during his playthrough of McPixel , where he opened one of his videos with "My name is Macpewdie and welcome back to more McPixel. All members of Felix's family, and the first image of Felix's dad. Like many other Call of Duty YouTubers back then, he played short clips of his best kills, adds comedic edits to his Call of Duty clips, and Call of Duty commentary. Maya, Felix, and Edgar. This quickly caused an outbreak of hate and controversy. Its been shown that, despite Marzia CutiePie, his girlfriend has acted as the "straight girl" when both play a videogame, she's more likely to fall into this territory. His playthrough of Sonic. Deciding to stop making rape jokes after the internet's outcry grew high enough. Of course my name is PeeeeewDiePiiieee!. During the whole drama, many news sites had made articles against Pewds' actions.

Jacksepticeye the walking dead

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The only time he did have genuinely scared reactions was playing the first game, and that was since he knew nothing about the game going into it. In , Felix had been mocking his haters with the most significant ones being Dillon the Hacker and another hater he named Malcolm for privacy reasons and concerns for his safety.

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