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The word has been in fairly consistent written use for over years. There are many hundreds of words in English made this way, but some people will forever look askance at words such as liaise formed by back-formation from liaison. When all is said and done, however, the term broadly remains nonstandard English. And worse, they don't care. Incidentally, this is how many other types of standard words have come into existence:

Is conversating a real word

Black ppl, others make fun of you for using it. It was a sad day for me personally. So, with an -ation word, there are always two possibilities to create a verb: The inclusion of this word in a dictionary , like the inclusion of other dialectical words popularized by music or poetry , is not an argument for its acceptance: More Words At Play. No one is saying you must speak and act correctly at all times, but unfortunately, lots of us don't know when the hell those times are anymore or exactly what speaking and acting correctly mean. I am not saying they are the only ones that do. Just because many ppl use it doesn't mean it's ok to speak like an idiot. These -ate back-formations happen because most nouns ending in -ation have a corresponding verb ending in -ate, but not all of them do. All language is valuable. I heard "conversate" on the program "Tavis Smiley" by the moderator the other day. For example, all verbs ending in -ize can be converted to -ization, even though there are no -izate verbs at all; verbs ending in -ify become -ification. The realization of this movie is just around the corner. Because you only hear such things in certain context that is the only possible way it has been used? But very occasionally, the -ate form can become standard, as orientate arguably has in UK English. While some back-formations can even become standard, conversate is decidedly nonstandard. Given that the written use of a word is generally found some amount of time after it has already been in spoken use, we can be fairly safe in assuming that conversate has had some currency in English for over two centuries now. However, it is not surprising that you have heard it used, because it is a word that is employed in some dialects. Show More First recorded in ; back formation from conversation Word story The use of conversate has soared since , mostly in speech and in written records of speech. Related Quotations "The connections [the seventeen-year-old Latina] made between her personal growth and her interactions with one of her teachers were very powerful and the audience at the Ivy League school were in awe of her. Sometimes people create an -ate form spontaneously where none existed, either because of a speech error, a lack of awareness of the original verb, or perhaps because the -ate form sounds better prosodically. Lilian - some people might find your repeated use of ppl and your hectoring tone equally as irritating a you find the use of 'conversate'. I have only heard blacks and hispanics use it. It may be a losing battle, but if it pushes back the inevitable for just a few years, it is worth it in my opinion. I guess I needs to be chillin cause my coversating wit you all like I laid out above makes me sound likin I'm pretentious or judginmental or somfin. Thus, escalate was formed by shortening escalator; televise comes from television, and donate was made from donation.

Is conversating a real word

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There are many hundreds of words in English made this way, but some people will forever look askance at words such as liaise formed by back-formation from liaison.

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