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I try my best to make them feel understood and loved. If they like you, they'll probably spam your Facebook or email with genuinely interesting links, videos, sentences, etc. If they're really craving space to themselves, let them have it. An INFJ is hard to read often times because they're modest, slow to move, and yet engaging, charming, and smart. The INFJ will let you in on their inner world if they like you. They want someone that they can explore their weird, imaginative side with. They're essentially stuck and unsure what to do next.

Infj love stare

Cancel 0 INFJs are known for being friendly and kind-hearted, but secretive about their emotions. The INFJ isn't super fond of pointless arguments. The INFJ doesn't like being too practical or down to earth. If they never linger, then you're probably not on their radar. It wears them out. The INFJ is loyal to the core to their romantic partner, but they need to have other friends, not romantic interests, friends. It's kind of like playing chess with someone who already knows how the game ends, except they don't know how to communicate it, and they don't want to creep you out with all the stalking they've done. This doesn't mean that they're trying to make you jealous, have you compete against suitors, etc. If I get out of my introverted habits and invite you to things, I like you. They really, really want to dance with you. They'll try to figure out your schedule They may improve their hair, skin, weight, buy a new outfit, etc. If I seem nervous or more quiet around you than I am around other people, then I probably like you. Deep stuff that they wouldn't share with just anybody. An INFJ will like it when you touch them. They're probably humiliated that they sent such a beast. I ask for your opinion and always try to make you happy. They like someone who is creative, musical, artsy, and philosophical. If an INFJ is relaying personal information from their childhood -- they're hooked on you. They feel like it's okay to be more open around them and less to themselves. They want to converse openly and explore ideas, not feel as though an option must be forced and is the only way. They might not admit that to you, but if they seem emotionally broad if you spend one on one time with them -- that's a hint. When people want to hang out with me I usually need lots of time at least a few days to get myself mentally prepared. If they like you, they'll probably spam your Facebook or email with genuinely interesting links, videos, sentences, etc. If they're letting you read their writing, hear their songs, and so forth -- they probably like you. An INFJ will struggle with butterflies in their stomach. If you turn them down early on for touching you, they may never approach you again.

Infj love stare

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This Is Why It’s Hard For An INFJ To Find Love

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I try to bring out the best in them by bringing out the best in myself. Essentially I become best friends with my crush, because emotional intimacy is very important to me.

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