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Then the strangest thing happened: The most important thing for me was having an understanding with my husband and a supportive relationship in every possible way. He even had an excuse ready for why our physical relationship was in shambles. I still remember the immense validation and relief I felt from finding out the diagnosis for my husband that I felt explained all of our relationship challenges. I was still too scared to take this step because a part of me still loved him.

I think my husband is narcissistic

But really, ask yourself: We all think we are hopelessly in love at the beginning of a relationship and nothing in the world can stop us from being together. And by changing, I mean I went back to treating him the way I did when we first met and fell in love. Our physical relationship and even the slightest things like the conversations we used to have began to take a sharp turn. One day, I merely pointed out that one of his photographs was excessively saturated and the editing could have been better. He had strung me along the entire time till I realised what was going on. The one that I thought was so smart, funny, handsome and talented. When I talked to her individually, it seemed that she understood my situation perfectly. When I started realising what was going on and questioned him, he started to lose interest in me. My hands shaking, I reached the shelf for a glass and hurriedly filled it with water. Are you still showing up that way now? Suddenly, his interest in me began to fade. Everyone can see it. He even had an excuse ready for why our physical relationship was in shambles. Right after the wedding, we flew to Dubai where he was living. But you can see how refusing to go first ends up in an unhappy stalemate for both of you, right? After I graduated, he proposed. He even managed to convince the therapist I somehow talked him into going to. His obsession with being successful and undermining others were warning signs that our relationship won't be very different. It took me a long time to process what had happened and why. As she clenched her fists and rolled up into a foetal position, it looked like she was ready to pass out any second. He would give me long explanations as to how all intelligent people like Einstein, Newton, and even prophets used to spend solitary time to think about the world and why we are here. Both families were happy and on good terms. When I confronted him, he had yet another list of excuses ready. I had fully trusted my ex-husband with my entire being and I couldn't comprehend why he would lie and manipulate me. An entire week went by with us living apart because I was suddenly not willing to listen to his excuses. I looked out and saw my neighbour sitting in the corridor, bursting into tears.

I think my husband is narcissistic

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For instance, I would ask him why he would frequently go on walks alone, sometimes late at night. Because he didn't know how to photograph men, he would tell me.

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