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Follow the direction of the wave with your bodyboard and body to start the roll down and to be sure that you will land with the bottom of your bodyboard first! Air Air also called an aerial is a maneuver in which the entire bodyboard extends above the lip. Throw your head over the shoulder: Control is key to success. Make sure that you have plenty of speed and aim at this lip ; choose a similar angle to hit it like in an air. Yes, it is possible to do it inside the tube, but that's not the best way to learn it.

How to spin on a bodyboard

Even these simple combos can look really good! This video also includes tips on speed control and using your legs to stall. They are an important part of many combination manoeuvres, and one of the most enjoyable basic moves to learn. How To Bottom Turn — Tutorial Now you know how to paddle, this clip will teach you how to bottom turn, thus allowing you to keep up with the clean unbroken part of the wave. Start lifting your legs out of the water: This will allow you to keep getting more flight as your body is still arcing through the invert. Try to kick your inside leg upwards, this will split your legs and allow your body to twist upside down more easily. Instead of this you should try and pause for a fraction of a second. Make sure that you have plenty of speed and aim at this lip ; choose a similar angle to hit it like in an air. Reconquer the wave face;. Once mastered you can start to perform s on different parts of the wave and — not only will you have learnt the prerequisite to entering competitions — but you will look pretty smooth to your mate paddling back out. In the beginning, you have to choose a flat wave with an easy take off ; once you feel that you can take off and be in drop Knee quickly enough to go for a bottom turn , you can start to take off in hollow wave. You are kneeling on your bodyboard with one knee at the back and one foot up the front for regular bodyboarder , the left foot is at the front How to Drop Knee Ride? Bottom turn and then, immediately afterwards, move slightly forwards on your board and initiate the spinning motion by simultaneously lifting your hips and legs from the water and throwing your head in the direction of the turn. Drop Knee DK Riding is a different approach to bodyboarding compared to prone riding ; it is very close to surfing in terms of maneuvers and technique but in the same time the panel of tricks is wider and it is actually much harder, just think about standing up on shortboard without fins. A bottom turn is done by putting your weight on the left side of your bodyboard , digging the rail with your left elbow, lifting the other rail with your right hand , lifting off the water your inside leg and look towards your destination. How To Hit The Lip — Tutorial Learn how to hit the lip and do a Re-Entry, the foundation manoeuvre that will send you on the path to larger more technical aerial acrobatics. The forward in bodyboarding allows you to keep the ball running. This is done by bottom turning towards the top of the wave, flattening your board out and lifting your legs out of the water. What is Drop Knee Riding? The technique is the exactly the same wherever you intend to try a As with all manoeuvres, a good bottom turn is important. This is to gain maximum speed, which translates into projection later on. Make sure that you have plenty of speed and aim at this lip ; do not try to hit it vertically , choose an angle that will allow you to land in front of the wave after flying over it. For any sort of aerial manoeuvre speed is essential. A good tip is to try looking back around at your fins. The most crucial part of this step is making sure that your timing is perfect to ensure you slingshot outwards — rather than being too late and getting an embarrassing lip to the head.

How to spin on a bodyboard

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A Cut Back is one of the most fundamental move in bodyboarding Choose a wave with a nice shoulder but without a lip nor a barrel Start by doing a turn on your left to just under the top of the wave Once you reach the spot where you want to start your Cut Back, shift your weight on the outside rail , apply pressure with your right hand in the middle of your right rail pivot , lift up the left corner of the nose with your left hand and initiate a strong turn on your right so you can actually ride the wave towards the tube it's like you are now riding a right hander Look at the inside of the wave and do not get tempted to watch at the spray you are doing , visualize the spot where you want to stop your turn and get back to the right position.

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