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For some reason, he enjoys idling and revving the engine for what seems like hours, but is just many minutes. Maybe there were times your neighbors pulled a prank on you and you were at the receiving end. In some cases, the best approach would be to accept the situation and learn how to stay indifferent. No, I'm one of the lucky ones! And if they are, drop in without prior notice, and ask them to babysit your kids, saying you have to attend to an important work immediately! TP-ing someone's house can work really well if they have trees and a large yard. Call your neighbors repeatedly asking for a certain XYZ, even after they have yelled at you that no one by that name lives there.

How to irritate neighbors

Roast a pig in a backyard pit. Simply put, the key is to keep things reasonable. You could train your dog to poop directly where your neighbor would step out of his car. Watch your neighbor weep as they try to escape the cascading willows to find their way home. Tell them your neighbor is shy and might need some coaxing to admit it! Daub a generous layer of petroleum jelly or oil over their gate and door knobs. Be sure your neighbor is aware of it. Feign innocence if they ask you whether you know who ruined their garden! Crank calls, or call them prank calls, the classic way to annoy people! Late at night turn up the volume on your stereo and add some karaoke to the mix! They will sure be a frustrated lot when they see the mailbox overflowing with hundreds of letters! A day before they are due to return, water the garden so the entire area is completely waterlogged and way too squishy. Sign up for loads of junk mail using your neighbor's name and address. Then use your device to blast music into the speakers at random times during the day. Weed your yard in your swimsuit or your birthday suit. Don't just overdo it, or you may have to face law enforcement officers at some point of time. Borrow their Sunday paper. Yes, that has happened to a friend of mine. It wasn't intentional, just totally rude. Other people aren't as lucky as I am. You are intentionally trying to annoy your neighbors, but don't neglect your pet. Or just play the drums and strum the guitar close to their walls, which will annoy them no end. Then cut a hole in your fence, so the animals go in your neighbor's backyard. Or when you clear up the snow from your yard, dump all of it right into their driveway! Use their garden hose to fill your swimming pool and then have a pool party and invite them. Annoying Neighbors Common Examples:

How to irritate neighbors

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How to piss off your Neighbor

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But no matter what happens, remember that conflicts are best resolved through negotiations, not wars. As long as you sound confident and concrete, a simple warning might be enough to make your neighbors stop doing things that annoy you.

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