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But things are only as valuable as someone thinks. While it can seem like men only want physical pleasure, what most really crave is a woman who reaches them on a deep and profound level. The results are worth it. This can even be the make-or-break factor at certain crucial times. That's the first step to becoming hard to get. A man meets a woman. We rarely appreciate things which come too easily. Find out how to keep the mystery alive.

How to get rid of a clingy guy

No matter what men say, they love a challenge If you approach love with a chip on your shoulder, then "Hard To Get" is not for you. This theme of human nature has been well known throughout the ages of time. When you think of luxury items or designer clothing, what is the number-one thing that sets them apart? Love is a game - the most wonderful "game" ever invented. And people are inherently repelled by neediness, especially unjustified neediness. Does "hard to get" increase the intensity? Being hard to get means you'll never have to settle for less than the happiness you really want. When he wants to show you off to his friends. Not being hard to get means that you get to Emotional First Base long before he does. The Hard-To-Get mindset gives you an edge. Have you ever seen a man move heaven and earth to be with a woman? You create intense desire in the man you want. And the more rare something is, the more people think it is worth. When he was pursuing you, you felt like you had control and could choose whether or not you wanted him around. If you are busy with the rest of your life, you have less of a chance obsessing over him. But there's nothing "unfair" about it. Human Nature It helps to work along with nature - instead of trying to fight against it! Whatever you call it, these "games" can mean the difference between being alone with your regrets - or living every day with the man you love. Everyone resents being deliberately manipulated. There's no greater feeling for a man than winning a woman who is tough to win When he calls you during the day to see how you're doing. Love is not for the faint of heart. Only a few weeks later, the very same book was given to me by a public school librarian who was about to throw it out because no one had checked it out in at least fifteen years. Being Hard To Get raises your value in his eyes.

How to get rid of a clingy guy

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He pursues you with hunger and drive. When he does thoughtful things for you - just because.

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