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They are like chameleons, presenting a different face to different people. They enjoy being puppet masters, and exploit other people for their own selfish interests. Never underestimate the sociopath's low self esteem and tendency to internalize anything that is said to them. If at all possible, do not get into a vehicle with them, because then you have no egress. If an answer to most of these questions is yes, then you may be dealing with a sociopath here. They can execute their plans with extreme precision, as emotional swings or other involvements cannot distract them. It is thought to be a combination of nature and nurture. They are unwilling to listen to reason and logic. Possible options are to simply ignore the personality disordered individual, repeat a mantra to yourself for instance, "peace" or "calm" , or keep repeating a response out loud.

How to deal with sociopathic behavior

Remember they feed on your fears and emotions, and use them to manipulate you. Also, once you've identified the manipulative behavior, it will be easier to recognize the next time a bully comes along and tries to pull your strings. Such sociopaths, with high intelligence, can easily camouflage themselves in society, and manipulate others as they wish. No matter how narcissistic or grandiose they can appear to be, they inwardly detest themselves. There is no known successful treatment for them. Be fearless, and deal with them coldly. Prepare yourself emotionally, as they will try to get under your skin in any way that they possibly can. However, by the time people realize that the person they are dealing with is a sociopath, it is usually too late. Under no circumstance should you argue with them; you will not win. Mar 26, Sociopaths are people without a moral compass. Be aware of what you are communicating non-verbally fidgeting, teeth grinding, knuckle cracking, etc. There is a lot of goodness and beauty in this world, which is waiting to be beheld by you. They enjoy being puppet masters, and exploit other people for their own selfish interests. They will always be right, and you will always be wrong. All the flaws illuminated by these questions may be there in many people, but they are all magnified in a sociopath. Do not allow this to deter you from asserting yourself and protecting your personal space. However, if you do find yourself without an exit strategy, and the crazy is escalating, try to remain calm. You may be looking at an adult, but you are speaking to the emotional equivalent of a ten-year-old. Although they are incapable of feeling emotions, they can certainly mimic them to fool and manipulate others. The faster they are put behind bars, the better it is. People without a conscience, or people who can override the call of their conscience are beyond reform. Their manipulative behavior and lack of emotional investment in anything other than themselves, makes them antisocial. You may find it helpful to remind yourself, before you are in the presence of the disordered person, to disengage. The information is to identify manipulators in the work place, but it translates to any situation where you might encounter such a person. Report to police authorities, if you come across evidence of violence inflicted by the sociopath. It is not easy to do so, as they can be very persuasive and very good actors, efficiently masking their real intentions. This is perhaps the toughest challenge for some of us.

How to deal with sociopathic behavior

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How to Identify a SOCIOPATH

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They use the therapy to sharpen and polish their conversational and conning skills. If they do not have any emotional associations, what do they live for?

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