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Yet you're desperately in need of comfort and reassurance. An ever-present sense of anxiety and impending doom I'd imagine you feel anxious Departments of Correction in many states provide family guides that help spouses navigate the system. Play games, go for walks or watch a movie. At least, you can still see your spouse, talk to your husband or wife, and hope that eventually you will be together again.

How to cope with an incarcerated spouse

Share your feelings with someone when everything gets too much. Look for support from her family, church or close friends. If avoiding triggers does not help, then avoid people who chastise or judge your spouse. You will manage, you will get through this and you will survive. To help you choose the right people in your own surroundings, do read my article on who you may be able to trust. Don't keep your emotions bottled up inside and remember that feelings of loneliness, disappointment, fear, shame and anger are normal. In , that relatively easy life changed forever. Take any opportunity you get to become more skillful at whatever you do. That is SO understandable. You'll find that you're much stronger than you would ever have given yourself credit for. They too are likely to feel the shame that goes with having a parent in prison. Just keep adding to it. Pew Charitable Trusts report that children with a parent in prison have more difficulty in school than those without an incarcerated parent, including increased aggression and a higher incidence of suspension. Your spouse is his or her own person, too. They are determined to have a stronger outcome. Now would be the best time to act upon it. Departments of Correction in many states provide family guides that help spouses navigate the system. You did not deserve this and it's unfair that you're left picking up the pieces. On the other hand, you can encourage your children to think positive and to keep praying and hoping for the return of their parent. David took Vicki out for a date. These can help you to understand what your children might be going through right now - and how you can help them process what's happening. What does that entail for you and your children? Alternatively, of course, you may already have been questioning your relationship compatibility for some time. How do you react? The more you wallow in self-pity, the more awful the whole experience is going to be for you.

How to cope with an incarcerated spouse

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Can a marriage survive a spouse being in prison? Statistics say no. God says yes.

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Her husband's imprisonment also forced Ann to stop working. Even if your spouse gets jailed for a lifetime, there is a possibility of getting a parole.

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