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They might not come out with the whole truth right away. You might have found evidence that they were cheating on you with one person, but actually there may have been a few, so leave it up to them to mention the names. Do NOT waste your time asking him if he is cheating. Instead of owning up to their mistake or giving you an explanation, they might act offended and ask you what you were doing spying on them. You may never be able to look at them the same way again because you trusted them and they lied to your face.

How to confront my husband about cheating

Unless they have a stupendously good explanation, break up with them right there. No, it isn't their fault. It depends on whether the other person knew that my partner was with me. Silently compare the facts of what they are telling you with the evidence that you uncovered yourself. Are you seeing her behind my back? There could be some other explanation, so you might allow your boyfriend to explain himself. Not about assigning blame or fixing things. Instead of owning up to their mistake or giving you an explanation, they might act offended and ask you what you were doing spying on them. Be very thorough during that one-time spying event and save the evidence, if you find any. If you notice something obvious—or a mutual friend tells you that they saw your significant other fooling around—then the temptation to look for evidence may be overwhelming. It's my lying, cheating, no-good partner's fault. Lies will come back to bite us. You will definitely want information about why he was unfaithful. You might feel angry. Consider talking with a therapist or other neutral third-party if you need help making your decision. Break up with them. It depends on whether I was friends with the person my partner cheated with. The Other Party If your partner cheated on you, would you also be mad at the person they cheated with? As you mull things over, you may have more questions. So facing the issue head-on can feel overwhelming. They might have known that this was coming and they might have even been wondering when you would eventually find out. At this point, you might not even want to waste your time finding out the details. Where do you start? Once you have the proof, you can confront them, but of course the question is how do you even approach something like this? How do you keep yourself from bursting into tears or becoming an emotional wreck? They might try a few half-hearted excuses, but if what they did was obvious enough, then you will know the truth.

How to confront my husband about cheating

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How should you confront a cheating spouse?

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You might feel like you can never trust someone again. When actually confronting a cheating husband, it is important to keep a few things in mind.

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