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Barley is also very overlooked in American cooking and is wonderful in soups and casseroles. Look at your monthly bills like phone s , cable, Internet, etc. We don't live with a cable bill and we don't miss it. I'm not saying everything must be "need based," but when you are strapped for money, things you don't need are luxury items not a necessity. Freeganism and Dumpster Diving Freegans take a political stance against consumerism.

How to be a tightwad

Being frugal and saving money takes effort. For one-off purchases, be sure to highlight life-expectancy of the product: You are doing both you and this sort of customer a favor. Just dump it all into the freezer container; don't worry about what was put in there before. Before eating that candy bar, cake, or other dessert, cut it in half. This is especially great if you're trying to lose weight. About the only thing I don't add is fried foods, cheese, fish, or bread. The deal also comes with grocery shopping lists, which saves them so much time. Sometimes I add a piece of chopped chicken, some beans, barley, rice, or a can of veggies, but usually there is plenty of variety in it already. Check it out yourself by clicking here and you too may be able to save more and become healthier at the same time. We have done this for years. Actionable customer service tips and ideas, delivered weekly. We don't live with a cable bill and we don't miss it. Yes, clothes tend to freeze in snowy areas. You may have to buy some new spices, but you'll more than save the cost when you realize how little dairy you are using. Julie Black Belt Tightwad Tip: Lynnea from Ohio No More Drafty Windows I lived in Colorado for 13 years and many of my residences had single pane or old windows, which were quite drafty. Either freeze some or use for lunches or as part of another evening meal. Reusing Tea Bags I have a relative who always reuses her tea bags. For instance, add the spoonful of green beans that aren't worth saving, the mouthful of hamburger or chicken no one ate, and the rice that has nothing to go with it tomorrow. Avoid wasting food and money by serving smaller portions to your children. Cloth ones will last for years. She was obviously trying to save, but at what cost? I am willing to spend a little extra each month to always eat fresh bread! This also includes entertainment items. It usually does not need seasoning either because everything that went into it was already seasoned!

How to be a tightwad

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When eating out, divide appetizers or desserts with a spouse, child, or friend.

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