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The length of use also depends on how tight the nipple clamp is. You can play with the clothespins themselves, by lightly tweaking, twisting, or tapping them. Smaller clothespins are significantly more painful than regular clothespins because the force is exerted over a smaller area , and I have noticed that plastic clothespins seem to be more "bitey" than wooden clothespins. This is especially fun if your partner is tied down with his or her arms over the head. In order to bring it back to the surface, you can do something with the clamp. With vibrating nipple clamps, you will probably want to wait till you reach this stage before turning the vibrators on. All the clothespins are attached to a person, and for removal, the person just pulls at the string, and all of the clothespins come off at once. Adjustable "alligator-style" clamps offer a large range of different levels of stimulation.

How to apply nipple clamps

For a beginner, I recommend nothing more than 10 minutes. Along with this, many people take a bit of submissive pleasure in the act of wearing nipple clamps. Clamping the clothespin onto the tip of the nipple as on the right side of this illustration is much more intense than grabbing more of the nipple closer to the base as on the left: This is especially fun if your partner is tied down with his or her arms over the head. Because piercing can stimulate growth of nerve endings in the nipples, increasing sensitivity, you may need to use less pressure with the clamps. Try having your partner blow on them, or brush them lightly with their lips or a feather and see what happens. And indeed, simple clothespins do make good clamps for nipples. Remove clamps immediately if you experience severe pain, if your skin becomes broken, or if your nipples turn blue or purple. Attractive and versatile, C clamps are an unusual and practical choice for people who enjoy nipple play. The length of use also depends on how tight the nipple clamp is. Clover clamp[ edit ] The clover clamp, also referred to as a "butterfly clamp", is of Japanese design[ citation needed ] and provides increasing tension if pulled. A lot of them are decorative Tweezer Nipple Clamps with decorative gems at the ends. One of the best things about clothespins as nipple clamps is that they are disposable. When you take the clamps off, brace yourself. Some people even like clipping clothespins directly to the clitoris or tongue, though this is often a bit too intense for many people. If you do sustain a nipple bruise or injury, ice it to reduce swelling and discoloration. Their ends should also be covered with rubber or vinyl cushions. Moving up the scale a bit, "clothespin-style" clamps are more intense and offer a relatively hard bite. For some people, nipple clamps are part of a more involved nipple play scene, which may involve nipple bondage tying ropes or cords around the breast or nipple and pumping using suction pumps or snake bite kits to pump up and enlarge the nipples. To increase tension on the nipples, small weights such as fishing line sinkers can be attached to the ends of the clamp. Clamp each nipple in turn, slowly increasing the pressure until it's just at the edge of what your partner can take. This kind of clamp is extremely popular with people who really enjoy nipple play. Another method is to use the clamps to keep a person in one place. Just to add to the delicious torment, they don't loosen back up when you quit pulling, either. They're pretty, pleasurable, and easy to use, and they're mild enough to wear for extended periods of time. These techniques are good introductions to other forms of sensation play, because the skin becomes more sensitive when the clothespins are removed and blood rushes into the whatever area the clothespins used to be attached to.

How to apply nipple clamps

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How to Use Nipple Clamps: Part 1

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Playing with nipple clamps can be a nice lead-in to other forms of temperature or sensation play , such as wax play or using such implements as a Wartenberg wheel. Unless you intend to inflict sharp sensation, you'll probably want to avoid touching or playing with your partner's nipples immediately after removing the clamps.

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